Top Tips for Cleaning Solar Panels in Coffs Harbour

Want to ensure you get the most out of your solar panels? You may want to look into solar panel cleaning.

More than 2 million Australian households now have solar power, with the majority of these lying along the eastern coast line. Yet not all households regularly get their solar panels attended to by professional cleaners. To maintain your solar investment for the greatest return, it’s a good idea to have them professionally cleaned at least once annually. 

But is how often you clean solar panels in Coffs Harbour different to everywhere else in Australia? How do you ensure the salt air doesn’t impact the solar efficiency of the panels? Well, we reveal all! 

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Why is cleaning your solar panels so important?

You likely service your car regularly to keep it running safe and avoid any unexpected expenses. Your solar panels are no different. Regular cleaning will increase the efficiency of your solar system as well as prolong its life span.  

3 Main Reasons Solar Panels in Coffs Harbour Need Cleaning

1. Living in a seaside climate 

It’s no secret the best part about living in Coffs Harbour is the seaside lifestyle, but have you ever wondered the effect our beaches have on our solar panels. Solar panels are primarily made of metal, which can become a corrosion issue in coastal areas. 

Corrosion isn’t the only issue coastal solar panels must endure. Living in Coffs Harbour, you’ll be familiar with a salty film which develops on windows and glass paneling over time. Unsurprisingly, this grime will also stick to your panels. This grime can be hard to remove and the salt particles may scratch the panels when incorrectly cleaned. Therefore, it is recommended to get in contact with your local specialist of solar panel cleaning in Coffs Harbour before you attempt to do so yourself.

2. Dirt and dust.

Dirt and dust occur naturally in every environment, which overtime will begin to settle on your solar panels. This is particularly true for those living in dry climates or those prone to high winds and dust storms. Even a thin layer of dust will affect the performance of your home solar. The dirt and dust particles will inhibit the sun rays ability to filter through to the cells, in turn reducing the output, costing you money. Cleaning will take care of this.

3. Natural waste.

Natural waste, such as bird droppings, pollen and bat droppings present the most danger to solar panels. More detrimental than dust and sea grime, natural waste has the ability to reduce your solar output even when only a small portion of the panel is affected. 

Natural waste can also cause more permanent damage to panels. Similarly to paint on your car, when droppings are left on solar panels for extended periods of time, they not only become harder to remove, risking damage during removal, but also their acidic nature can damage the panels protective layers.

How often do you need to clean solar panels in Coffs Harbour?

How often your solar panels require professional cleaning depends greatly on the environment you live in. However, as a general rule, all solar panels should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. 

Areas which historically experience less rainfall and are close to the ocean, such as Coffs Harbour, will benefit from more frequent cleansing. Solar Choice recommends cleaning and general maintenance of panels at least every six months to maintain optimum output and lifespan.

How do you clean solar panels?

Whenever possible, solar panel cleaning should be left to the professionals. They’re trained to remove obstructions without damaging the delicate panels as well as check for potential damage which may result in decreased performance or worse, a fire.

Similar to traditional window cleaning, professional solar panel cleaners in Coffs Harbour suspend themselves from a safe point on the roof for maximum safety. Then, using a soft applicator and a special soap solution the panels are wiped over and dried. Any stubborn stains are then removed using the appropriate method.

Get in touch with your local Coffs Harbour solar panel cleaner for more information.

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