Top 8 flowers for a bohemian bouquet

July 4, 2015 - 2 min read

Stand out from the crowd with these bohemian flower ideas. Whether its for a bridal bouquet or a gift, these stunning floral arrangements will be unique and memorable.


A stunning protea
A stunning flower – Protea

Protea is perfect contender for a bohemian flower arrangement due to its distinctive colours and delicate form. It looks great when paired with a bunch of greenery, as well as lighter flowers such as peonies and gypsophila (baby’s breath).


Light and delicate
Light and delicate – Daisies

Light in looks and soft to touch, you cannot go past a beautiful bunch of daisies. Place a bunch in a shabby chic jar and finish with twine, for a simple yet elegant display for the home.


Absolutely gorgeous - Peony
Absolutely gorgeous – Peony

With their satin-like appearance and romantic aroma, it is no wonder why peonies are a firm favourite with flower lovers. A popular choice for wedding bouquets, this flower looks great either on its own or paired with some greenery.


Vibrant and fragrant - Lavender
Vibrant and fragrant – Lavender

For a lovely arrangement that smells amazing, don’t go past lavender. This subtle yet bright purple species works perfectly with a variety of flowers including daisies, peonies and gypsophila.


A happy flower - Sunflower
A happy flower – Sunflower

Radiating happiness and love, sunflowers stand apart from any other plant in so many ways. Pair in a large jar with proteas, daisies, gypsophila, or simply keep alone – it’s up to you!


Pretty in pink - Astilbe
Pretty in pink – Astilbe

Coming in a variety of colours, Astilbe is a diverse and striking flower, which is loved by many. It looks great when placed in a large glass vase or wrapped in twine for an earthy bouquet.


The ultimate bohemian flower - Gypsophila
The ultimate bohemian flower – Gypsophila

The créme de la créme of bohemian flowers has to be Gypsophila (also known as baby’s breath). Most commonly used in flower arrangements, you can also vase this lovely light flower on its own for a delicate look!

Billy Buttons

Stand-out species - Billy Buttons
Stand-out species – Billy Buttons

If you believe less is more, make billy buttons your new favourite flower. For a simple and elegant display, place a handful of flowers into a jar or combine in a neutral bouquet for a splash of colour.