Top 5 timbers for decking

July 24, 2015 - 2 min read

ready to install a new deck, or spruce up your older one? Here are some common and not so common timbers to consider using, stacked up against each other!

You’ve decided to take on a decking project at home, and you want to use natural timber. This is a good choice, as wood has a rustic and attractive look to it, giving you the real deal. Wood is also strong, durable and can hold a great deal of weight—making timber an ideal choice for a decking. So now all that’s left to do is choose what type of timber will best suit your needs and budget.

Here are the top 5 timbers to consider for your decking project.

1. Treated pine

Treated pine is an extremely popular material used for decking in Australia, and comes with a range of benefits. As one of the most inexpensive materials on the market, this is a great option if you’re looking for a cost-effective decking material. Treated pine is plantation grown, making it an eco-friendly option. It can also be stained to your preferred colour or shade, so it’s a versatile material option.

2. Merbau

Merbau originates from Asia and has been used in decking projects across Australia for decades. It has a darker stained look, however is not usually harvested from managed forests—so if you want merbau, you may want to find a trusted source who only uses sustainably-harvested timbers.

3. Blackbutt

Native to Australia, Blackbutt timber is highly durable and comes in a beautiful beige to pale-brown colour. This is a great timber for those living in bushfire-prone areas, as this timber is naturally fire resistant.

4. Ironbark

A very durable building material, ironbark timber is great for those who want a deck that will last and last. Be aware this timber is incredibly dense and heavy, so if you’re considering DIY deck work, this may not be the most suitable option for you!

5. Spotted gum

Spotted gum is a great natural timber that is highly durable and naturally fire resistant. This is a beautiful darker timber, and comes in a wide variety of shades and colour options, so you can truly get the look you’re after.