Top 5 fashion hacks

August 12, 2015 - 1 min read

You can’t predict when or how a fashion crisis will happen, but being armed with the right knowledge will ensure you are never left in a panic. Our top 5 fashion hacks will ensure you look your best at all times.

1. Racer-back tops and bra straps

Never show unsightly bra straps again by altering your bra with a safety pin. Clasp the back of your bra straps together, meeting mid shoulder blades, and secure with the safety pin. This is easily completed with the aid of another person, however can be done before putting your bra on.

2. Keep your clothes wrinkle free

Don’t have time to iron a piece of clothing? No worries! Simply hang up the item using either a clip hanger (for pants or skirts) or a padded hanger (for shirts and dresses) in the bathroom while you shower and allow the steam to remove any wrinkles or creases. Magic!

3. Make-shift button

Nothing is worse then having a button pop off in public or when you’re in a rush. Keep a couple of decorative pins in your bag and clip onto the place the button was and slip through the buttonhole for a quick fix.

4. Create your own distressed jeans

Forget paying hundreds of dollars for designer distressed jeans. Grab some sandpaper and rub any areas of your jeans you want to look worn. Next using a toothbrush and a little bleach, lighten any areas to customise your very own distressed jeans. Be careful when washing the bleach out.

5. Stylish patching

Have you skinned the knees of your favourite jeans or wear out the elbows on your jacket? Tidy up the hole and turn the item inside out. Using your favourite fabric or even a cut out from lace tights, sew a section on with the pattern facing outwards for a stylish fix.