1. Calla Lily

Colours: available in shades of green, pink, purple, yellow and orange.
Appearance: calla lilies are sleek and elegant with slim green stems and long, trumpet shaped petals.
Fragrance: calla lilies are fragrance-free.
Warning: Calla lilies are poisonous if ingested by humans or pets.

2. Frangipani

Colours: available in a variety of yellow, orange and crimson shades.
Appearance: frangipani flowers have overlapping, tear-drop shaped petals with a gradient two colours per petal.
Fragrance: Most fragrant at night, frangipani flowers have a distinct tropical scent.
Warning: Frangipani flowers release a sap, which may irritate the skin.

3. Lavender

Colours: available in various shades of pink, purple or off-white.
Appearance: the slim grey-green leaves stem up to long, slender ground of spike formed petals.
Fragrance: lavender has a very strong, sweet & floral fragrance, commonly used as an essential oil.

4. Lily of the Valley

Colours: available in either white or pink.
Appearance: ​The lily of the valley flower is recognised by a delicate bell shaped petals, which tiers off a long green stem.
Fragrance: the scent of lily of the valley can be quite over-whelming as it is very sweet.
Warning: keep away from children and animals as this plant is highly toxic, but common in wedding bouquets.
Lily of the value

5. Peony

Colours: peonies are available and a wide array of colours, from pink, red, white, yellow and every colour in between.
Appearance: layers and layers of tissue-paper like petals form the beautiful cloud of a peony flower.
Fragrance: the scent ranges by the colour of the peony. The smells range from being musky & spicy and others smell sweet, like roses.

6. Snapdragon

Colours: available in deep purple, orange, red, rose, white and yellow.
Appearance: tall, speared stems bud multiple flared trumpet shaped florals all the way up the stem.
Fragrance: snapdragon’s fragrance is enhanced at night and has a subtle sweet smell during the day.

7. Statice

Colours: these flowers come in white, lavender and shades of pink.
Appearance: often described as smoke-like in appearance, dozens of funnel shaped petals form the statice flower.
Fragrance: statice releases a musky fragrance, which is pleasurable to some but described as unpleasant to others.

8. Sunflower

Colours: most commonly known for it’s sunshine-yellow petals and brown-black centre, sunflowers also come in less common shades of red and white.
Appearance: large petals surround a brown-speckled centre to form one of the world’s most recognised flowers.
Fragrance: sunflowers do not have a strong scent, however have been described to have a slight nutty fragrance.

9. Lilac

Colours: available in a range of violet shades.
Appearance: groups of 4 petal flowers make up the stem of a lilac plant.
Fragrance: lilacs have a strong, sweet fragrance, which easily fills a room.

10. Jasmine

Colours: jasmine flowers are white or yellow in colour.
Appearance: 4 to 6, oval shaped, waxy petals create the delicate looking jasmine flower.
Fragrance: the blooms of the jasmine plant emit a soothing, exotic sweet scent.

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