Tips to Solve Common Household Appliance Problems

December 16, 2015 - 2 min read

At some point, our household appliances may not work like new anymore, but replacing it does not have to be your first option. Here are some common household appliance problems and how you can potentially fix the problem for a fraction of the cost.

Easy ways to fix your run-down, everyday appliances

We rely heavily on household appliances to help us with all our basic chores. But the moment these appliances stop working, we’re usually at a loss. Have no fear! LocalSearch is here to help solve those pesky problems with a few tips to get your appliances working like new.

DISCLAIMER: If your appliance has electrical problems, DO NOT attempt to fix it yourself. Call your local electrical appliance technician.

Garbage Disposal

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Garbage disposal units are fitted with an overload feature. If they become overheated, they will automatically shut off. Once the motor cools down, there is a reset button located on either the side or underneath the unit, that you can push to power it back on.

If you hear the unit hum but it doesn’t spin, there may be something stuck in it. Make sure the garbage disposal is switched off, then turn the blades with a specially designed disposal wrench or by turning the bottom bolt.


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There is nothing worse than having your fridge breakdown on a hot day and rushing to find a cold place to store all your food.

Sometimes, the fix could be as simple as cleaning out the coils. The coils are essential for keeping your fridge cool.

If you own a cat or dog, it’s likely that hair may be stuck in the coils. A build-up of hair can cause components of your fridge to overheat and trigger the overload switch.

On many fridges the coils are located in the grille at the bottom, but they can be located on the back. Use a coil cleaning brush and also vacuum the grille clean. Not only will clean coils make your fridge more efficient, it will save you money when the bills roll around

Washing Machine

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Stock image.

If your washing machine tends to rock during the spin cycle, it could mean the legs on it aren’t level. The simple solution is to readjust the legs by tightening or loosening them with a wrench until they are level with the floor. By gently tilting the machine forward, you can adjust the rear legs and lowering it back down.


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If your dryer isn’t heating properly or you find your clothes aren’t drying, there are a couple quick fixes that could solve these issues. First, check your dryer settings to make sure it’s not on non-heating or “fluff air” setting.

Another common solution to your dryer problem is a clogged lint filter. While the filter may look clean, an invisible film could cause poor airflow and force the thermostat to shut itself off. Pull out the filter and scrub it in hot water with laundry detergent and brush.

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