Tips on getting your child day-care ready

July 10, 2015 - 1 min read

Is your child about to head off to day care and not sure how to easy them into it? Well we have some tips on how to get your child ready to make sure you and your kid is prepared.

Communication is key

Long before your child’s first day at child care, bring up child care in conversation. Let them know that they will one day be going to a child care centre, as well as the many fun activities they’ll get to do while they’re there. It might be a good idea to pass a Wyong child care centre on your morning walk, that way they’ll get to see all the smiling faces of the other kids. It’s also important to communicate with child care workers once they begin, to make sure they’re happy and settling in while you’re not around.

Story time

Another technique to help get your little one accustomed to the thought of child care before their first day is reading to them. Hopefully after a few weeks of reading ‘Jojo goes to Playgroup’ by Christina Miesen or ‘Adam’s Daycare’ by Julie Ovenell-Carter, they’ll be excited by the prospect of their first day.

Pop in, say hello!

Head down to your local Wyong child care centre and introduce your little one to the carers and the environment. Under your supervision, pop in a couple of weeks before they start care and show them just how much fun they can have. Then, after a few visits with you by their side, give them their first solo experience for about half an hour. Depending on how they react, start extending the length of these solo visits until they’re ready for a full day.

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Have you got any tips when it comes to settling your little one into child care? Tell us your secrets in the comments below!

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