Tips for No-Yard Gardens

August 27, 2015 - 2 min read

A small backyard doesn’t have to mean you can’t enjoy greenery and plants around your home. here are some simple solutions to make the most of the space you have and begin growing your own plants!

Having a garden allows you to grow your own herbs, fruit and vegetables plus enjoy a natural environment at any time. But what happens when you live in a building, have a paved yard or rent your home and can’t have a garden? Temporary gardens are the perfect way for you to enjoy some greenery without having to move. Whether you want to grow your own herbs on your windowsill, create a flourishing vertical garden or create your own terrarium, we have all the information you need to create your own, no-yard garden!

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens come in a variety of sizes to suit all price ranges. You can purchase a wall hanging garden or one that rests on a stand. These are perfect to dress up balconies and verandas.

  • All you need is a wall or small space, vertical garden, soil & some plants
  • Vertical gardens are generally low maintenance
  • Create a tropical display, fragrant floral wall or your own personal herb garden

Plants: A variety of plants, flowers and herbs such as ferns, begonias and orchids are perfect to place in a vertical garden for a beautiful display.

DIY: If you love DIY projects, you can try and make a homemade vertical garden from a shoe organiser. See how to make one here.


Terrariums are not just a science project you did in school. You can create your own beautiful eco-system using any decorative vases, fish tanks or glass containers that catch your eye.

DIY & Plants: Pre-made kits are available, however building one yourself is so much fun!

  • In the bottom of your chosen display case, lay an inch of pebbles followed by an inch of activated charcoal.
  • Cover the pebbles and charcoal with a layer of sphagnum moss to prevent the soil from seeping into the rocks.
  • Moisten a bag of potting mix and fill your container half way. Finish by planting some slow growing small plants, such as cactus and croton or even a variety of fresh herbs.

Window Sill Garden

Using a window box or individual small pots, you can plant flowers, herbs or even tomatoes in your very own kitchen!

DIY: to create a window garden, fill a window box half way with moistened soil. Transfer your plants from their pots to the soil. Cover the soil with a layer of sphagnum moss.

Plants: geranium, peperomia, bergonia, tomatoes, spinach, peas, scallions and many more.