Time to tint your windows?

October 8, 2015 - 3 min read

Did you know the sun’s uv rays can damage car upholstery like it can your skin? Don’t worry, tinting can help fix that. There are many benefits to tinting your car’s windows, including our top 6 benefits in this list!

On the fence about getting your windows tinted? Having a professional auto glazier install a window tint on your car has a number of functional benefits, as well as making your vehicle look classier and more sophisticated. From reducing glare while you drive to improving your personal privacy in traffic, we’ve found 6 benefits of window tinting that’ll have you wondering why you hadn’t invested in it earlier.

Top 6 Benefits of Tinting Your Car’s Windows

#1 Reduces Glare

Anyone who has spent time driving directly into the sun will know how annoying (and dangerous) it can be. While your car’s sun visor will help stop direct sunlight from blinding you, it does nothing to fight the glare. Tinted windows will act as sunglasses for your windscreen, shielding you and your family from harsh UV rays.

#2 Improves Privacy

A darker tint will make it harder for passers-by to see into your vehicle. As well as giving you some general privacy on the roads in and around traffic, this can potentially stop criminals from seeing inside your car—preventing theft. The degree of privacy you receive will depend on the shade of tint you opt for.

#3 Less Wear & Tear On Your Cars Interior

The heat and UV rays from direct sunlight will increase the rate your cars interior upholstery wears. Tinting your cars windows will reduce the heat inside, slowing the process of warping, fading and cracking.

#4 Stops Windscreen Shattering

When it comes to all of your car’s features, safety is paramount. Adding a layer of tint to your windows will help stop them from shattering if you have an accident. This added protection could be the difference in you and your passengers remaining unharmed when the unexpected occurs.

#5 Stay Cooler

During the warmer months, the scorching heat can cause your cars cabin to reach extreme temperatures. If you want to get into your vehicle without burning yourself on the steering wheel or seatbelt, consider having a window tint installed. Depending on the shade of tint, it can significantly reduce the heat inside your car and increase efficiency by limiting your need for air conditioning.

#6 Good For Your Health

Anytime your body is exposed to UV rays there is potential for harm on your skin. If you’re sitting in the car unprotected, you could be doing irreversible damage. Tinted windows can dramatically reduce the amount of UV that enters your vehicle and help keep you safer while driving.

Whether you’re looking for the darkest legal tint or just want some minor UV protection, we’ve featured a couple of Sunshine Coast auto glazier experts who’ll be happy to assist.

TSR Tinting & Frosting

You can enjoy energy savings and added privacy with a window tint from TSR Tinting & Frosting. Their services include:

  • Car, home & office tinting
  • Frosted films
  • Safety & security films

Their team of window tinting experts use only the highest quality tinting products and even offer a lifetime manufacturers warranty. Check out the TSR Tinting & Frosting Localsearch profile for a full list of their products and services.

Local Guys Window Tinting & Windscreens Sunshine Coast

With more than 25 years’ experience in the auto-glazing industry, you can rely on Local Guys Window Tinting & Windscreens Sunshine Coast to provide a quality window tint. Their services include:

  • Windscreen repairs & replacements
  • Car, home & commercial window tinting
  • Mobile service

Whether it’s for your home, office or car, their friendly team can provide a fast and reliable tint. Check out the Local Guys Window Tinting & Windscreens Sunshine Coast Localsearch profile for their opening hours and contact information.