The ultimate guide to Brisbane Festival & Riverfire

August 27, 2015 - 4 min read

Riverfire is coming up again and there’s a lot going on that you should know about. Take a look at our ultimate guide to the Brisbane Riverfire to get the rundown.

The Brisbane Festival is an entertainment extravaganza loved by locals and visitors from across the world. Now, in it’s 9th year, this annual celebration of the arts attracts people from around the globe, and for obvious reasons! With so many places to explore and things to see, we’ve condensed it all down for you, so you can easily plan your Brisbane Festival trip.

Check out our extensive list of all the Brisbane Festival activities and events to explore and enjoy.


Indulge in the all-singing, all-dancing razzle dazzle that is cabaret. The complete list of the cabaret acts that are set to light up Brisbane in September on the Brisbane Festivals website.


Now’s your chance to run away and join the circus, if only for a night! For all the tumbles, somersaults and gravity-defying acts you can ask for.


Laughter is the best medicine, and what better way to break out of those winter chills than by having a giggle to warm you up? With a whole range of comedy acts gracing Brisbane’s theatres and stages.


Whether you’re into funky hip-hop beats, or something a little more interpretive, Brisbane Festival’s dance acts cater to everyone.


If your Brisbane Festival is a family affair, you’re spoilt for choice this year. There are a heap of acts that will astound and inspire your young ones (and your older ones) in the realms of art, music, theatre and literature. For a terrific family day, weekend or month, keep up to date with Brisbane Festival’s family events.


What kind of celebration would the Brisbane Festival be without some delicious food? There will be a few events that’ll tantalise your tastebuds.


The Brisbane Festival and music go hand in hand. If you’re hoping to delight your ears with some quality sound waves, you have plenty to choose from. Covering styles from pop artists such as Megan Washington, to free concerts by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, you’re in for an audio feast!


Australian author Tim Winton will be talking with many other renowned speakers at Rise For the Oceans—A Celebration of the Sea at QPAC’s Concert Hall

Whether you’re after a quality yarn, or are looking for some inspiring masterclasses, there are all types of talks happening during the Brisbane Festival. Aspiring and emerging creatives should look into Creative3, Australia’s biggest creative conference.


Brett Bailey’s Congolese take on Macbeth at QPAC’s Playhouse TheatreThere are a heap of theatrical performances that will be lighting up stages and tents around Brisbane this September.

Visual Arts

Who could forget the Brisbane Festival 2014 light show?

What makes the Brisbane Festival a stand-out festival, is its use of art. With sections of the city set to be doused in colour and light throughout the festival, keep an eye on attractions such as the Treasury Casino and William Jolly Bridge. The city will be awash with lights and patterns, so have a wander and indulge your eyes. Check out all the visual art displays here.


Check out some of the movies you wont find at your regular box-office, and settle in for experimental and art house motion pictures from around the world. Griffith Film School Cinema will be showcasing Singapore Unbound—a selection of Singaporean cinema. If you’re craving a good watch with strong female characters, Palace Centro Cinemas are showing The Female Gaze—a celebration of female cinema from around the world. Or simply take the family to Backyard Cinema on South Bank’s River Quay.

And of course, the Brisbane Festival is set to go out with a bang.

The unmissable Sunsuper Riverfire will be taking place on the 26th of September, set to start at 7pm. This event attracts the masses, so it’s best to get in early and stake out your perfect vantage point! If you’re not in town for the fireworks, or not keen on large crowds, Channel 9 and Triple M will be broadcasting live from 6:30pm.

So there’s a wrap-up of all the stuff that’s going to make this year’s Brisbane Festival amazing! If you want all of the practical details, such as ticketing, venue information or contact details, they can be found on theBrisbane Festival web page.

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