The Most Popular Men’s Haircuts of 2020

In need of inspiration for your next haircut? Take a look at our top haircuts for men in 2020.

Traditionally, men get their hair cut more frequently than girls, meaning they have way more opportunities to try out different styles. To help you switch up your style, we’ve created a list of the most popular men’s haircuts of 2020.

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8 Most Popular Men’s Haircuts of 2020

1. The buzz cut. 

Arguably the simplest hair cut available, the buzz cut is a great choice if the key requirement is low maintenance. Defined by its very short length, clipped close to the scalp using electric clippers, buzz cuts require minimum styling and only a quick trim to maintain. 

This haircut is popular with those who have hard-to-manage hair or active lifestyles. A common military hairstyle, this cut can be brought to life with patterns and designs on the side of your scalp.

 2. The crew cut.

Very similar to the aforementioned buzz cut, a crew cut features varied hair lengths. Whilst only slight, these variations do add dimension to the cut. Typically hair will be longer on the top, no longer than a number 3 blade, then tapered off toward the back and sides of the head, like a fade.

This mens haircut is popular for similar reasons to the buzz cut, it’s low maintenance. Requiring little to no styling is a popular cut for those men who don’t have the time or desire to style their hair daily.

3. The Caesar cut.

Inspired by Julius Caesar himself, this haircut resembles elements of the popular 1970’s bowl cut. This cut has survived through the ages, generally meaning it’s a pretty safe bet, looking great on most people. 

The Caesar cut reached its peak popularity in the 90s, but is tipped to make its way back in 2020. Known for its straight cut fringe, this haircut is easy to style once cut. Depending on your hair type, it’ll be easy to tame with a few basic hair products such as gel or mousse. 

This cut is easy to personalise with the addition of tapered sides. Adding tapered sides to this design creates a contemporary look, a great way to modernise a classic cut.

4. The comb over. 

This classic mens haircut consists of a long section of hair on the top of the head, parted to the side and combed over. Traditionally the sides will be slightly shorter, but not drastically. This hair cut is great for those guys with thinner hair. The comb over adds body to the hair, creating the illusion of thicker hair. 

This hair cut also works great to hide a receding hairline. Speak to your barber about combining a comb over haircut with a side part to hide the hair line.

5. The blowout haircut.

Men’s blowout haircuts are the perfect solution if you’re after a medium-length fashion cut. This men’s haircut, works perfectly with the rising trend in voluminous hairstyles for men, featuring medium-length hair on the top and shorter on the sides, traditionally a haircut grade of around 3 or more. 

This fashion-forward cut is tipped to be all the rage in 2020. If you’re daring, the straight blowout may be for you. However, this style does require long hair on the top already. This haircut requires daily styling, usually in a voluminous way.

6. The undercut men’s haircut.

The popularity of the undercut has seen unprecedented growth over the past few years. This haircut is extremely popular with those who prefer shorter haircuts, mainly due to its low maintenance. It’s a youthful cut, and a great hairdresser can make it look great on all hair types, from fine to curly. 

The undercut style can be easily defined as longer on the top and shorter around the sides and towards the back of the head. If you’re after a more metro look, this haircut is probably for you. 

In contrast, the slicked back undercut is a surefire way to make your hair look polished and well maintained. Remember, If you’re opting for a slicked back look, ask your stylist to leave the top longer. 

Another popular variation of the undercut is the disconnected undercut. This style can be easily defined by the very apparent contrast between your longer hair on the top of your head and shaved sides. This cut is very similar to the Caesar cut mentioned earlier, just without the front fringe.

7. Pompadour haircut. 

Pompadour haircuts are the ultimate look for those who wish to maintain a classy and stylish look. But be warned, this haircut comes with maintenance and a daily dedication to styling. To achieve this look, request your barber leave your hair significantly longer on the top and only slightly shorter on the sides. 

Since its rise to fame in the 50s, the pompadour has been modernised to suit the 2020 man. It now exaggerates each of its components, creating an edgy yet neat look. The angles of the cut are now more refined. 

Paired with a tapered fade, this popular hairstyle for men best complements those with round faces. Although be warned, a tapered fade will increase the maintenance of the cut and more regular trims will likely be required.  

This men’s hairstyle is sometimes confused with the popular quiff haircut. Whilst similar, the quiff features a bulge of hair right at the front of the hairline, which is  combed back into the rest.

8. French crop.  

Seemingly making a comeback in 2020, the classic French crop men’s haircut has been around for centuries. This neat cut is popular with men who want a low maintenance yet on trend trim. Working best with easy to manage hair, this simple, modern style is defined by the longer hair on the top with ever so slightly shorter hair to the side and back of the head. 

If you’re looking to hide a receding hairline, this may be the best haircut for you. The classic French crop encourages length on the top, tousled messily, a technique that hides a receding hairline well.

What do these common hairdresser terms mean? 


A fade is when hair becomes progressively shorter until it reaches your skin. Fades are very prominently featured in undercuts and comb-over haircuts to add dimension and character.


Very similar to a fade, a taper is usually more pronounced as it doesn’t normally involve the hair being cut as short. This is a very popular feature with comb overs.  

Haircut grade: 

Quite simply, haircut grades are the lengths which you can get your haircut to. The grading works from a 1 upwards, with 1 being the shortest. This is a popular way to explain how short to cut a crew cut. Haircut grades are sometimes also used for layering.


Thinning is a popular practise with longer hair. It’s the act of removing small chunks of hair from the head using a thinning comb or scissors in an attempt to thin hair. Thinning is very popular on those who have thick or curly hair as it usually makes hair easier to maintain.


Layering, sometimes referred to as texturising, is simply the act of adding multiple lengths to your hair in a layer formation. It is often done to those with thicker hair to add texture or body.  

To find out more about mens haircut types, or to try one for yourself, get in contact with your local hairdresser/barber today!

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