The Force Is Strong With These Star Wars™ Party Ideas

December 8, 2015 - 2 min read

Whether you watched the original trilogy in the cinemas, or are more of a fan of the newer movies, many o us love the Star Wars Universe. We’ve found some fun and creative party ideas to throw a star wars themed party any time of the year. Put on your Han Solo or R2D2 costume and get ready for a fantastic party!

Death Star Piñata

death star pinata
image by bassatak

One sure-fire way to get your star wars party fully armed and operational is with a Death Star piñata.

  1. Inflate a balloon and use papier mâché paste to glue strips of newspaper to the balloon until it is completely covered.
  2. After the glue has dried to create a hard surface, you can paint it grey or cover it with silver foil to create that authentic Death Star look.
  3. When you are certain that the surface of the piñata is hard enough, cut a hole at the bottom and burst the balloon to fill it with your choice of goodies.
  4. After you cover the hole, the piñata should be ready to hang.

To further keep with the Star Wars theme, you could provide your guests with plastic lightsabers to have-at the piñata.

TIE Fighter Marshmallow Treats

 Throwing a Star Wars shindig doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fork out for the official merchandise. A quick, easy and delicious Star Wars snack is the TIE Fighter marshmallow treat.
All you need are your choice of square biscuits and/or wafers, as well as round marshmallows. Then, use icing to attach a biscuit on either side of the marshmallow to create the TIE Fighter shape.

Stormtrooper Bowling

stormtrooper Mackay
A great Star Wars twist on a classic game is Stormtrooper Bowling. You’ll need a printer, a set of 10 plastic pins (you can pick these up at your local toy store) and (of course) a ball. Print out 10 images of Stormtrooper helmets (easily found on Google), cut them out and glue them on to the pins. The kids are sure to have a great time bowling down these famous Star Wars foes.
To add an extra objective to the game, you can add a ‘Darth Vader’ pin that is worth extra points.

R2-D2 Dispenser

r2 d2 mackay
If you have a water cooler, Eski, popcorn dispenser or any other kind of cylindrical server, you can get it decked out like a droid in no time. To create your own R2-D2 dispenser, print out strips of blue and white, as well as the trademark circles for the ‘R2’s radar eye and holographic projector, and stick these to the dispenser.
You can also use this method to create R2-D2 bins for the party.

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