The Do’s & Don’ts of Cat Grooming

October 9, 2015 - 4 min read

While cats do groom themselves, they do need a helping hand from time to time. To help you avoid the hisses and scratches, we’ve put together some tips for bathing and clipping your cat, minus the hurt.

How To Bath A Cat

What To Do

To help prevent you from walking away looking like a scratching post, clip your cat’s claws before you start the bathing process *see below.

  1. Brush your cat to remove any excess fur.
  2. Fill a sink or bathtub with a few inches or lukewarm (not hot!) water.
  3. Place your cat (who may now be a little angry) in the water and using a cup or jug, gently pour warm water to wet their fur.
  4. Using a cat-safe shampoo, work up a lather on the body of the cat and rinse off with water.
  5. Ensure all soap residue has been removed from your cat, as it may irritate their skin.
  6. Dampen a cloth and gently wipe over the cat’s face.

Now your cat is squeaky clean, wrap them in a big, warm towel and let them dry off in a warm spot away from any drafts. Giving them a treat will provide a little positive reinforcement for the next bath time.

What Not To Do

  1. DO NOT take them in the shower with you.
  2. DO NOT dunk them under water.
  3. DO NOT let them out of the sink or tub at any time during the bath, you won’t get them back in there.
  4. DO NOT get water in their eyes, ears or nose.

How To Trim Cat Claws

What To Do

Before you begin clipping your cat’s claws, ensure they are relaxed and happy. Placing them ‘baby-style’ in your lap and feeding them treats may help make the process a little easier.

  1. Gently take one of your cat’s ‘toes’ in between your fingers and gently massage to expose the nail.
  2. Look for the pink area of the nail, and avoid this area when clipping at all costs. Again, do not clip near the pink part of the nail.
  3. Using pet nail clippers, snip of the top of the nail.

After each nail trim, reward your cat for its good behaviour.

What Not To Do

  1. Again, DO NOT clip near the pink part of the nail. If you do, contact your local vet immediately.
  2. DO NOT try clipping claws during playtime.
  3. DO NOT rush.
  4. DO NOT yell at your cat if they try to run away, simply calm them down.

How To Shave A Cat

What To Do

Shaving your cat is not something we recommend unless you really need too. You may need to shave your cat if their fur becomes very matted (regular brushes will prevent this), or if they have long, thick fur and seem to be very hot during the warmer months.

  1. Using good-quality animal clippers, turn on the clippers to see if the noise aggravates or distresses the cat. If it does, you may wish to visit your vet or groomer.
  2. Have someone securely hold your cat and hold the skin taut (but gentle), so the skin cannot move while shaving.
  3. Starting at the top of the cat’s body (on the neck), gently work your way down to the base of the tail. Do not clip the fur on the tail.
  4. Work your way around the body until your cat looks like an angry naked mole rat.

What Not To Do

  1. DO NOT shave the fur on the face, paws or tail.
  2. DO NOT shave off any whiskers.
  3. DO NOT proceed if your cat is agitated or putting up a fight.
  4. DO NOT try this on your own, you can’t hold and comfort the cat and successfully shave them at the same time.

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