There’s a little spot inside every Australian that craves a taste of America. Whether you think you can never watch too many reruns of Seinfeld or Friends, or you think the American version of The Office is simply the best thing you’ve ever witnessed, there is no escaping the fact the America has invaded our lives through these tiny screens in our home.
We have explored it more than our own backyard, learned more about it than our family history and know its national anthem better than our own. Ameristralia has started to take over our minds and we simply do not care. In fact, we love it. And we want more.
Every chance we get to become a little more American, we take it. From the clothes we wear to the shows we watch, and now it’s time for us to finally taste it. We see the food of America all the time. It’s in every movie that we watch and every show that we marathon. We hear about it in music and we are constantly searching for it in shopping centres. American food is about more than just Maccas and Subway. We want buffalo wings, New York style pizza and we want to wash it all down with a Budweiser.
Well, you don’t have to wait any longer. The Gold Coast is home to some of the finest American restaurants across Australia, and we’ve listed our favourites below (you can thank us later).
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Tribeca NYC
Welcome to New York on the Gold Coast. Chef Carl Martin has created a unique American menu that will satisfy the most patriotic Ameristralian on the coast. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this restaurant focuses on creating traditional American good with fresh local produce. Their infamous NYC Sticky Finger BBQ Beef makes your mouth water just thinking about it, and that’s just one tiny piece of their inspired menu.
Where: 58 Thomas Drive, Chevron Island, Gold Coast, QLD.
Ze Pickle
Located in the foodie centre of Burleigh, Ze Pickle is just one block from the beach and is quickly becoming an institution. Burgers, bar snacks and beers, what more could you want from an American restaurant? Add to all of this one of the finest selections of “real” craft beer on the Gold Coast, and you have yourself an American outing that you won’t forget.
Where: Corner of Park Avenue and Connor Street, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, QLD.
Hurricane’s Grill Surfers
This fully licensed steakhouse and bar might be hidden away in Surfers Paradise but it definitely isn’t quiet. Famous for this signature pork ribs, this restaurant makes ribs that taste just like you imagine they would in the movies. Full of flavour, there is nothing on this menu that you will be able to stop eating (even once you’re full).
Where: 4 The Esplanade Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, QLD.
Hard Rock Cafe
Once you walk up the stairway to heaven in this restaurant, you will feel like you’re in America. Filled with Hollywood memorabilia, Hard Rock Cafe looks every part like its American counterparts. From southwest artichoke dip through to a hickory-smoked pulled pork smokehouse sandwich that will make you put your bikini body challenge on pause, you won’t want to leave this slice of American paradise.
Where: Cnr Cavill Ave & Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Gold Coast, QLD.
It’s finally happened. The true American experience has made its way back to the Gold Coast. Hooters is a family restaurant with a twist. Famous for their friendly service, this American restaurants serves up everything from their famous menu. Whether you’re in the mood for their fried pickles or world famous buffalo wings, you can get it here and wash it all down with an ice-cold Budweiser.
Where: 2893 Gold Coast Highway, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, QLD.
Who needs to jump in plane for 14 hours with all of this mouth-watering restaurants right here on the Gold Coast.
Did we miss out your favourite ‘Murican restaurant? Let us know in the comments!

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