The Absolute Best Gold Coast Lookouts

If you live on the Gold Coast or are visiting the Gold Coast, make sure to check out these top lookouts for the most breathtaking views. We did the digging and found the 10 best lookouts…

While the Gold Coast is famous for its beaches, hinterland and waterways, it’s no surprise there are plenty of beautiful lookouts too. There are so many beautiful Gold Coast lookouts with spectacular views and we’re telling you our top 10!

With views of the beach, ocean, city and hinterland, there’s so many lookouts anyone would enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a lookout you can walk or drive to or one you’ll have to hike to, it’ll be in this blog. Written by a Gold Coast local, this blog will cover everything from Australia’s tallest building, to how to access the best hidden lookouts and more.

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10 of the Best Gold Coast Lookouts

1. The Q1.

The Q1 is Australia’s tallest building, standing at 322 metres, which is taller than both the Empire State Building and Eiffel Tower. From 2005 to 2011, the Q1, was the world’s tallest residential building, but it still takes the cake down under. 

The SkyPoint Observation Deck is also one of the best lookouts on the Gold Coast, offering panoramic views and showing off the Gold Coast’s stunning ocean and hinterland views. Head up to level 77 to see these spectacular views at 230 metres high, while enjoying a drink or meal. If you’re brave you can even attempt the Skypoint Climb.

Three people looking at the camera strapped in wearing grey on standing on stairs of the Q1 sky point climb
SkyPoint Climb (Image via Chloe Thistle)

2. Arthur Freeman Lookout.

Part of Freeman’s Organic Farm, Arthur Freeman Lookout is one of the Gold Coasts best kept secrets. To access Arthur Freeman Lookout travel west from Currumbin Creek into the valley where you’ll find Tomewin Mountain Road, drive a few kms up the road and you’ll see Freemans Organic Farm stall and Arthur Freeman Lookout. Pioneered by Arthur Freeman in 1915 as a banana plantation, Freeman’s Organic Farm is the only remaining commercial fruit and vegetable farm in Currumbin Valley.

The lookout isn’t the only thing this farm has to offer. You’ll find produce straight from the farm available to purchase and a shipping container cafe — with food made from local produce of course. Grab a coffee and take a seat and enjoy the view unobstructed view of the valley all the way to the sea.

3. The Panorama.

The Panorama is a u-shaped road in Tallai, offering some of the best views of the Gold Coast. Only a 25 minute drive away from Broadbeach, you can head to the Panorama it’s a great spot to relax in your car while viewing the Gold Coast, or park before the hill and run up for an intense exercise. Access to the panorama can be gained via Worongary Rd in Talli.

It’s a beautiful place to watch sunrises and sunsets from, making it one of the top Gold Coast lookouts.

4. Mount Tamborine.

Mount Tamborine is a great location for scenic views of the Gold Coast. Located in the Gold Coast Hinterland, you can head to Hang Glider Launch and Lookout for a grassy hill looking out towards the coast. You can access the spot via Main Western Road. As most Gold Coasters do, you can head here for a picnic while watching the sunset, and of course, snapping some pictures.

5. North Burleigh Hill.

North Burleigh Hill is often overlooked, unless you’re a local, but it is a great place to catch a smaller glimpse of the Gold Coast. Another reason North Burleigh is a great, is because it has multiple spots to take a in stunning views Gold Coast skyline.

North Burleigh Lookout.

North Burleigh Lookout faces Miami Beach and you can see all the way past Surfers Paradise, on a clear day you can even see The Spit in the distance. It’s the perfect place for an afternoon picnic watching the sunset. You can head down the steps to the left (left when looking out at the beach) to find the stunning Miami Rainbow Stairs at the bottom.

Mick Schamburg Park Lookout.

Mick Schamburg Park Lookout is located to the right of the North Burleigh Lookout and you can access it via the stairs off the main path. Treat yourself to incredible views of the ocean and beaches. This lookout primarily faces the southern end, with great views down to South Burleigh and further on clear days.

*Do not climb over the barriers or fencing. Access is blocked for a reason. Multiple lives have been taken as a result of unsafe climbing.

Lores Bonney Lookout.

Lores Bonney Lookout is possibly one of the Gold Coast’s best kept secrets. After making your way up to North Burleigh lookout, you’ll notice a dirt path to the left that leads you further up the hill. This is how you access the Lores Bonney Lookout, which is a small but quiet lookout with great views of Miami and northern Gold Coast.

6. Burleigh Hill.

Burleigh Hill is one of the Gold Coast’s most popular destinations, and once you’ve been once you’ll understand why. With access amazing white sand beaches, great waves for surfing and amazing restaurants with live music, Burleigh is a top Gold Coast destination. Locals and visitors alike head to Burleigh Heads to enjoy views of the beach, ocean and to watch surfers catching waves below. Be sure to take sunscreen as there is no doubt you’ll be here from sunrise to sunset with so many fun things to explore.

If you’re an early morning riser, there is no better place to see the sunrise. Watch as it slowly appears over the skyline, making its way across the sea and onto the sand. Did we mention Burleigh has dozens of great coffee shops to choose from, so be sure to grab one before you visit the headland.

Come here on a Sunday arvo to find the hill packed with Aussies having picnics while enjoying the sun set over this stunning view. You can also treat yourself to even more amazing views from Burleigh Heads national park, the access to the entrance the famous walking track is located on the top of Burleigh Hill.

7. Tumgun Lookout.

Tumgun Lookout is right around the corner from Burleigh Hill and requires a short hike to access it. With a spectacular view to the south of the Tallebudgera River mouth and beyond — it’s well worth the trip.

Complete the Burleigh Headland and Beach Trail Loop (2.3 kilometre return) to stop by all the incredible views, from Tallebudgera to Burleigh. The hike shows off views of the beautiful beaches and gives hikers a taste of Gold Coast rainforest. Be sure to stop for a dip in Tallebudgera creek, it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

8. Elephant Rock.

Elephant Rock is located in Currumbin and is a small viewing platform offering views of the Gold Coast all the way down to snapper rocks, access to the platform can be gain via the surf club parking lot. The platform was built on top of Elephant Rock and you can find the stairs to the right of the Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Life Saving Club. If you haven’t had enough of the spectacular views, grab a meal at the Surf Club and try to get a seat near the windows. The views rival the old revolving restaurant in Surfers Paradise.

9. Best of All Lookout, Springbrook.

The Best of All Lookout in Springbrook really does live up to its name. Access it via a short walk of about 350 metres, trekkers are rewarded with excellent views of the Tweed Valley, including Byron Bay, Mount Warning and The Cougals. On a clear day you can see as far as the sea! The 10 minute walk to the platform is also a treat, taking you through the Gondwana Rainforest, which is millions of years old.

10. Point Danger.

Here you can see the famous Captain Cook Memorial and Lighthouse (access to the Captain Cook Memorial and Lighthouse is current limited due to restoration work), plus breath taking views of the Tweed Coast and Gold Coast coastline — especially at sunrise. Walk north down the hill and check out the magical hidden beach near snapper rocks. To access the beach you’ll either have to walk through Apex Park or via the road in front of the surf club.

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