Before treating your dry scalp, you need to rule out any underlying health issues. Head to your local Tamworth medical centre and have your GP take a look at your scalp.

Rinse properly

Nothing irritates and sucks the moisture out of your scalp more than failing to completely wash out shampoo. Always remember to thoroughly rinse your hair; if your scalp continues to be itchy or flaky, try extending your time between washes.


Just like exfoliating your face and body gives you healthier skin, the same goes for your scalp! Try mixing a tablespoon of sugar into your shampoo and gently massage this into your hair. You should be able to to feel the grainy crystals at work as you go.

Temperature control

Excessive heat is just as bad for your scalp as the cold winter weather. To avoid an irritated and dry scalp, avoid using extremely hot water when you shower and try to pat your hair dry with a towel instead of using a hair drier.

Massaging matters

Add a tiny bit of olive oil to your fingertips and and give your head a massage before you jump into the shower. Massaging helps unblock pores that interfere with the natural production of oils, as well as loosening up any dead skin before your sugar-shampoo treatment.


When it comes to a dry scalp, you want to make sure you’re keeping your skin hydrated with plenty of water! Also, fatty acids (found in nuts and salmon) and kelp have been linked directly to alleviating dry scalp and supporting hair growth.

Still have a dry scalp?

If you’ve tried everything and still suffering, it might be time to seek some professional advice. Have a knowledgeable stylist share their expertise on what it takes to keep your scalp healthy. We’ve found a couple of the best hairdressers in the Tamworth area, who will be happy to help.
Illegal Lengths In Hair

Quality cuts for both men and women, Illegal Lengths In Hair - Tamworth
Quality cuts for both men and women, Illegal Lengths In Hair – Tamworth

If you’re looking for a hair salon that is passionate about giving your hair the treatment it deserves, look no further than Illegal Lengths In Hair. The team at this popular salon have been caring for the locks of Tamworth locals for more than 20 years. Specialising in both lady’s and men’s haircuts, you can count on them to get the style you’re after. With first-class services, experienced stylists and salon-quality products, contact Illegal Lenths In Hair and book your appointment today.
Where: 316 Peel St Tamworth NSW

Plush Hair Design
Relaxing and professional salon environment, Plush Hair Design - Tamworth
Relaxing and professional salon environment, Plush Hair Design – Tamworth

With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re getting a quality cut from the team at Plush Hair Design. Whether you’re after an upstyle or just need some routine maintenance, the stylists here can sort you out. Not just a hair salon, Plush Hair Design also provides a range of relaxing beauty treatments, as well as makeup and styling for a range of events. For everything hair, makeup and beauty, stop by and say hello to the friendly team at Plush Hair Design.
Where: 33 Dowe St Tamworth NSW
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