Summer Is Coming: Refresh Your Sun Protection Routine!

September 15, 2015 - 2 min read

Slip, slop, slap, seek and slide, is the new and improved version of what we were used to as kids. So take a read, and get yourself up to date and sun safe.

The popular Slip Slop Slap method that we all know and grew up with has changed slightly. Before, it was all about slipping on some clothes, slopping on that sunscreen and slapping on a hat. Nowadays, with the increasing harshness of UV rays, we’ve added some new S’s to the routine.

Slip on some clothes

Now we’re not suggesting full Victorian attire for your seaside frolic, but when you’re not enjoying the water, it’s important to wear a tee shirt and shorts to better protect yourself from UV rays. The more skin you cover, the better your shield from the sun will be. Wear a rash vest while in the water for optimal sun protection too.

Slop on some sunscreen

An imperative part of any Aussie home, sunscreen should be applied every time you head out in the sun, and reapplied after swimming or after the amount of time specified on the sunscreen bottle. Even when you’re simply driving, sunscreen applied to the arms could save you from that annoying ‘driver’s arm’ burn.

Slap on a hat

Have you ever experienced the pain of brushing your hair when you have a sunburnt scalp? It ain’t pretty. Trust us, wear a hat to save yourself from that horror.

Seek out some shade

When you finally make your way to the glittering ocean or luscious parklands, find a shady tree to set up your picnic under, or bring a tent, sunshade or umbrella with you.

Slide on some sunnies

It’s not all about your skin! Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and keep your vision in tip-top shape. After filtering UV rays over many years, your eyes and eyelids become more susceptible to damage, so always remember to wear sunglasses that meet Australian UV protection standards and have polarised lenses.

For more tips and tricks on how to combat the Aussie sun this summer, check out the Cancer Council Australia’s website.

To prevent the risk of skin cancer and also get to know your own body, book in for a skin checkup at your local Pottsville medical centre.

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