Coffs City Skydivers

Awesome views, Coffs City Skydivers - Coffs Harbour
Awesome views, Coffs City Skydivers – Coffs Harbour

So, you have finally convinced your mates that jumping out of a plane really isn’t a big deal. All that’s left to do is find a trustworthy company to place your life in their hands. If this sounds about right, we think we’ve found you the guys for the job! Coffs City Skydivers is made up of a highly experienced group of professional skydivers who have collectively logged over 30,000 skydives. Whole-heartedly committed to each and every adrenalin jump, these guys deliver the finest quality of service from the moment you walk in the door to the second you jump out the plane at 15,000 feet, and eventually, to the time you arrive safely back on ground. Once you have landed in one piece, head over to Attitude Burgers to grab yourself a well deserved feast.
Where: 64 Aviation Drive, Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450
Attitude Burgers
Dive down and indulge, Attitude - Coffs Harbour
Dive down and indulge, Attitude – Coffs Harbour

If a big juicy gourmet burger is what you’re feeling this evening, run on down to the Coffs Harbour Jetty where you will find Attitude Burgers! Packed with a punch and chargrilled to perfection, these big buns really mean business. Whether you opt for a traditional beef feast or fancy mixing it up, there is a burger on the menu for anyone and everyone at this unique joint. Give their simple yet effective signature Attitude bun a go. Stuffed with 150 grams of prime beef, cos lettuce, tomatoes and tomato relish, it will be sure to fulfil your cravings. If you’re feeling creative order the Surfs Up burger which is rammed with a tender fillet of gold-band snapper, avocado salsa, cos lettuce, tomato and a homemade tartar sauce, this concoction is a well-known favourite that never fails to impress. Whatever your choice, check out Attitude Burgers if you’re looking for somewhere to feast after your epic day in the sky.
Where: 8 Marina Drive, Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450

Helicopter Ride

Precision Helicopters

Take a ride, Precision Helicopter - Coffs Harbour
Take a ride, Precision Helicopter – Coffs Harbour

Always wanted to float about in the clouds in a helicopter? Established in 1993, Precision Helicopters have been providing individuals with the unique opportunity to witness the gorgeous Coffs Harbour coastline from way up high for over two decades. Departing from the local Coffs airport, their range of highly skilled pilots take you high into the sky to provide you with a breathtaking birds eye views of the surrounding area including its gorgeous sandy beaches, iconic harbour and crystal clear waters that often have a pod of dolphins gliding through the gentle waves. If you are looking for a high flying experience without being pushed out of the door at 15,000 feet, book a Precision Helicopters tour today. You’re bound to feel peckish after a few hours touring the skies, so head over to Yknot Bistro to enjoy a delicious meal overlooking the stunning Coffs sea.
Where: Hangar 77 Aviation Dive, Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450 
Yknot Bistro
Epic views, Yknot Bistro - Coffs Harbour
Epic views, Yknot Bistro – Coffs Harbour

Once you’ve landed safely back on the ground, scrub yourself up and head out for a well deserved meal. Yknot Bistro poses as the perfect location to relax and indulge after a day overlooking the beautiful water’s edge that you’ve been gazing over earlier in the day, either so elegantly on your helicopter ride or so nervously on you skydive. Dive into one of their divine fish dishes such as the mixed oyster platter or beer battered fish of the day to quench your seafood tastebuds. If you’re feeling a little less oceanic, give their tasty twice cooked pork belly a go, which promises to melt in your mouth. Whatever dish you’re in the mood to indulge, swallow it down with your favourite glass of wine or beer and have a toast to your adventurous day above land.
Where: 30 Marina Drive, Coffs Harbour Jetty, NSW, 2450
If you would prefer a day on land rather than in the sky, check out Nature’s way in Coffs Harbour.
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