1. The Lionleigh

The Lionleigh – Rockhampton

The Lionleigh bottleshop boasts one of Queensland’s most delicious range of beers. Entice your BBQ guest in your backyard with the James Squire range. These frothy favourites come direct from the Malt Shove Brewery and have a beer to tantalise every tastebud. Whether you prefer a light drop or a more smokey flavour, the James Squire range will have your BBQ guests feeling fantastic in no time. Pick up a pack of ‘One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale’ and experience a refreshing beer with a fruity nose and hints of passionfruit. Both males and females will love washing down their snags with this guy.
Where: 1 Wandal Road Rockhampton, QLD, 4700
2. Dan Murphy’s 
Dan Murphy’s – Rockhampton

If you’re driving down Dawson Road be sure to stop in at Dan Murphy’s to pick up a carton of Murphy’s Irish stout. Keep your BBQ guests feeling multicultural with this international brew. This beer has a caramel flavour and a lighter and sweeter dry stout. Murphy’s Irish stout is topped with a remarkably dense froth that’s creamy and delicious. When you get through the spoonable froth enjoy this tantalising beer with your steak and salad. The Murphy’s Irish stout experience is great to share with friends.
Where: 8 Upper Dawson Road, Allenstown, QLD 4701
3. BWS
BWS – Rockhampton

Having a BBQ in Rockhampton this weekend? Make it authentic by visiting the BWS and picking up a Tap King. This will re-capture the feeling of just poured draught beer from your local pub. If you have a picky crowd who are both hungry and thirsty, the Tap King is perfect because you can have multiple dispensers! Tap King is available in some BBQ beer favourites including XXXX Gold, Tooheys New, Hahn Super Dry and James Boags Premium Larger.
Where: 400 Dean Street, Frenchville, North Rockhampton, QLD, 4701
4. First Choice Liquor 
First Choice Liquor – Rockhampton

If you’re looking for a bottleshop that stocks the great Burleigh Brewing Co. beers, Rockhampton First Choice Liquor store is the place. Grab a 4 pack of Figjam IPA, it’s an indie pale ale that actually tastes like jam. This brew is so smooth your BBQ guests may wash it back a little too quickly!
If you’re going to be indulging in too much potato salad at your BBQ, it’s probably a good idea to watch your beverage calorie intake. Another Burleigh Brewing Co. best available at the Rockhampton First Choice, is named Bighead and they are low carb but maximum flavour. The Burleigh Brewing Co. incorporates age-old craft brewing techniques that are designed to ignite all of your tastebuds.
Where: Cnr Bolsover & Denham Street, Rockhampton, QLD, 4701
5. The Bottle-O Victoria Tavern 
The Bottle-O Victoria Tavern – Rockhampton

So, we’ve established some quality Australian beers and an Irish favourite, complete your guests beer culture repertoire by saying konichiwa to a flavoursome Japanese brew – Asahi. This drop is by far Japan’s most successful beer. Its clean, crisp taste is great for cleansing the palate before ploughing into the pavlova. You won’t miss these ones at The Bottle-O in Rockhampton because they are packaged in their distinctive silver-labelled glass bottles.
Another Japanese favourite beer to try when you visit The Bottle-O in Victoria Tavern is, Sapporo. If you have beer loving friends this brew will warm the cockles of their heart at your next BBQ. Sapporo is Japan’s oldest brew and it is incredibly versatile so you can pair it with an antipasto plate or a juicy steak.
Where: 1 Musgrave Street, Rockhampton, QLD, 4700
Do you have a favourite Rockhampton bottleshop? If So, let us know what your favourite beer to take to a BBQ is in the comments below.