Adult Colouring In Books

Adult Colouring
Embrace your inner child with the latest trend in relieving stress—adult colouring in books! Also known as art therapy, these books are perfect for both adults and children to use as a creative outlet to unwind from the stresses of life.
Available in a range of intricate patterns, the designs are aimed to make your mind think about the task at hand, while enjoying the pleasurable past time of colouring in.

De-Clutter Your Space

Cleaning may not sound like the ideal way to relieve stress, but trust us, you’ll feel blissfully relaxed once it’s done. Having a clean room to sit and think, without the distractions of phones, computers and excessive ‘stuff’ will give you a serene place to relax.
Start by removing unnecessary items from surfaces such as washing and knick-knacks. Look around the room and remove anything you feel is imposing negativity on the room, or any items you just don’t like. Next de-clutter the space of any excessive furniture and open up your curtains to let in the light.
Now you have a beautiful clean space to relax, turn off your phone and sit back and relax with a cup of something nice!
Tip: If you’re really after a relaxing space, add a few green plants to the room to help purify the air. 

Be Honest With Yourself

You can’t relieve stress without firstly acknowledging what is causing the anxiety. Sit in a comfortable, quiet room and speak out about loud what is bothering you. This may feel a little unnatural at first, but it can help you feel a sense of relief. If you don’t feel comfortable talking out loud, write down exactly what problems you’re facing.
Once you have identified the start of your problems, think of some solutions. Start with the biggest issue and only handle one task at a time until you have lifted some weight off your shoulders. It can be difficult to find solutions for some problems, so ensure you speak to family and friends, or a councillor to get through the tougher times.

Indulge In A Spa Treatment

Day Spa
Soak up some ‘me’ time and release your anxieties at a day spa. Whether you enjoy a massage, or spend the day with a close friend being pampered, you’ll feel soulfully invigorated by the time you leave.

Say goodbye to unwanted tension and treat yourself at one of these beautiful Gold Coast beauty salons.

Redefined Skin and Body Clinic
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  • Ultrasound fat cavitation, IPL & much more

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Heaven Sent Beauty Spa & Laser Clinic
The professional team at Heaven Sent Beauty Spa & Laser Clinic provide an extensive range of rejuvenation and relaxation beauty treatments. Their services include:

  • Massages, facials & spray tanning
  • IPL, microdermabrasion & cosmetic tattooing
  • Mesotherapy, oxygen treatments & much more

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