What causes hair loss?

When it comes to determining the main factors of hair loss, the answer can be found with your mum and dad. Yes that’s right, genetics! If your family has a history of hair loss, then you are already predisposed to baldness. While you can’t change your family, there are a variety of preventable causes of hair loss as well; these include nutritional deficiencies, prescription drugs, chemical hair products, and even stress. So, if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of keeping hold of your hair, read on closely.

Hair loss prevention

Manage your stress
There are three types of stress-related hair loss, all with their own symptoms and treatments. If you think it’s stress causing your hair to fall out, it’s important to see a doctor and have it properly diagnosed. The good thing about stress-related hair loss is that it isn’t permanent and can usually be rehabilitated with the proper stress-management techniques. These techniques include getting enough sleep, having a nutritional diet (with the right amount of vitamin B and protein), exercising and even seeing a therapist.
Hair loss products
Using the wrong chemicals in your hair can be detrimental to its health. Hair products, like bleaches and certain high-strength shampoos and conditioners, can contain harmful chemicals that damage the hair follicles and contribute to hair loss.
There are a variety of hair-loss prevention products and techniques on the market – but do they actually work? While results vary from person to person and brand to brand, these have actually been known to help! Just be sure to choose your products wisely and balance it with a healthy lifestyle, for the best possible chance of reducing the impacts of baldness.

Want some professional help?

Click here for list of hair treatment and replacement businesses on the Sunshine Coast. Or, contact one of these Sunshine Coast hairdressers for some hair loss tips, products, or hairstyles that help disguise that troublesome hairline.
Cotton On Hair Design

Friendly hairdressers, Cotton On Hair Design - Sunshine Coast
Friendly staff, Cotton On Hair Design – Sunshine Coast

Step inside Cotton On Hair Design and have the lovely staff manage your hair. With a great reputation among Sunshine Coast locals, you can organise a hair consultation service to see what haircut best suits you. Whatever the case, be sure to start your visit with a relaxing head and hand massage, which will help manage your stress. Once you’ve relaxed, one of the experienced Cotton On Hair Design stylists will make sure you walk out the door with a quality cut or style.
Where: Cotton Tree Parade Maroochydore Sunshine Coast QLD
iiCut Haircuts & Colour

Come in and take a seat, iiCuts Haircuts & Colour - Sunshine Coast
Come in and take a seat, iiCut Haircuts & Colour – Sunshine Coast

With store locations in Warana and Nambour, you can’t look past iiCut Haircuts and Colour when choosing a professional and affordable hairdressing salon. If you’re worried about your hairline, speak to one of the friendly staff and they will be happy to provide some professional advice and hair care tips. With a mens barber service, as well as a range of other beauty treatments, bring your partner down and you can both get pampered at this friendly hairdressing salon.
Where: 13/278 Nicklin Way Warana Sunshine Coast QLD

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