Presenting the perfect patio

August 3, 2015 - 2 min read

No matter the budget, creating the perfect patio does not have to be hard! Update your space with our simple tips, no matter the size of your home or yard.

Whether your patio needs a few touch-ups or is looking fine already, there’s always something you can do to improve it further! Being the perfect place to entertain your guests on a gorgeous summer’s day, it’s important to make sure that it’s always looking its best. A good patio should be adaptable for casual events, up to the most formal of occasions—you’ll be throwing soirees that’ll have the whole neighbourhood talking! We’ve done our research and gathered some handy hints on creating that perfect patio. Interested? Read on!

So you’re ready to up your patio game? No matter how much space or cash you have to work with, you can always create something wonderful. This guide to the perfect patio will help you bring your outdoor entertaining area into 2015, whatever the space!

Small backyards


Whether you have a concrete space for your backyard or a small patch of grass, you can turn it into a beautiful patio in no time! You can jazz up either a concrete or grassed area by paving it. Using pavers will bring a touch of personality into your backyard and also help define the space. Surround the paved space with your favourite plants and you’re on your way to achieving the perfect patio! Make sure you also match the outdoor furniture to the area. For instance, a large outdoor dining set will look awkward in a small paved area, so opt for some chairs around a coffee table or fire pit.



If your backyard boasts lush greenery, you need somewhere to sit back and admire it! Whether by the back door or in the middle of your garden, a patio will be the perfect addition. If your garden beds are very opulent or you already have shade from trees, don’t go for additions such as pergolas; keep your patio simple to stop your backyard from looking too busy. Masonry on the ground will add to your garden’s all natural feel, and will allow for more creative landscaping.

Large backyards


If you’re blessed with more space than you know what to do with, designing a patio will perfectly balance the area. To really add a touch of class to your dining space, why not build a deck? This will segment your backyard, allowing you to define entertaining space for the adults, and play space for the kids. Depending on your needs, you can add some elements that’ll really spice up your backyard, such as a pergola or fire pit. Theming your patio is also very popular at the moment, with many homes creating Oriental or Tropical inspired outdoor spaces using bamboo, water features and huts.