[PICS] Why Rats Are Awesome Pets

September 2, 2015 - 3 min read

Rats are curious, intelligent and friendly companions and can easily be taught how to use a litter tray, play fetch and run obstacle courses—just like a tiny dog. Tricks aside, rats are very clean and tend to keep their cages, and themselves, neat and tidy. All you need to do is provide them with fresh food and water, change their bedding and shower them with love. Find out why rats make the perfect pet.

Top 5 Reasons Rats Make Great Pets:

1. Low Maintenance

Rats are extremely easy to care for. The more you handle your rat, the closer your bond will be—an hour a day riding up on your shoulder will keep them content. Along with cleaning the cage 1-2 times a week plus keeping their food and water fresh every day, your rat will be perfectly happy.

Cute pet rat

2. Cleanliness

Not only do rats keep themselves clean, but they keep their cages tidy too! Male rats will mark their territory, and generally they do their business in one corner, keep their food and water in another and use the rest of the space to play and sleep.

Pet rat swimming

3. Easily Tamed & Friendly

The more attention you give your rats, the deeper the bond with them will be. Use food to encourage your rat to interact, rewarding them with a treat when they play nice. In time, you will be able to teach them a whole range of tricks.
Things you can train your rat to do:

  • Use a litter tray
  • Maze running
  • Agility courses & obstacle running
  • Retrieving items

Rats food

4. They Take Up Very Little Room

If you only have one rat and intend to have it out of the cage a lot, a 70-100cm cage will house your companion easily. It is best to have at least 2 rats as they are sociable animals and love company—just don’t mix sexes or you’ll end up with more than 2!

Rats in home

5. Low Upkeep Costs

Rats are very cost-effective to keep. You will initially need to spend about $30 for a cage (multi-level cages are more expensive), plus any toys and treats for your pet. Annual costs are only about $50 for food and $80-$200 for bedding.

Pet rat

Make sure your new rat is happy and healthy with a checkup. These Bundaberg vets will provide quality care.

Bundaberg South Vet Clinic
Phone: (07) 4152 0009
Address: 1/67 Walla Street, Bundaberg QLD 4670
The dedicated team at Bundaberg South Vet Clinic offer a range of services and products to help ensure your pet stays fit and healthy.
Services include:

  • Desexing, dental, elective & emergency surgeries
  • Micro-chipping, vaccinations & heart worm injections
  • Discounts including pension, multi-pet & breeder/litter

Open 24/7 for emergencies, Bundaberg South Vet Clinic performs a range of treatments to care for all your pets needs. Can’t get to the clinic? This vet offers a mobile service! They can also transport your pet to the clinic if required. Call today to book an appointment for your pet.

Sugarland Animal Hospital
​​Phone: (07) 4151 3550
Address: 10 Heidke Street, Bundaberg QLD 4670
Sugarland Animal Hospital offers services for a range of pets, including dogs, cats, horses, rats, fish, birds and reptiles.
Services include:

  • Consultations, preventative health care, surgery & anaesthesia
  • X-Ray, ultrasound, in-house pathology, densitry & hospital care
  • Equine & large animal services, professional grooming, boarding & puppy pre-school

You can rest easy with the team at Sugarland Animal Hospital. Not only do they offer comprehensive care, they also have a fully equipped grooming salon to keep your pet looking it’s best. Call the team today for all your pets needs.