Mad Cow Tavern

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Exterior shot, Mad Cow Tavern – Townsville

The main entrance is stamped with cow print, so naturally this is a place to get buck wild. Mad Cow Tavern is an obvious choice if you’re really wanting to let loose and party. If you’re looking to make new friends, the Mad Cow Tavern is the place. This venue usually becomes packed like a tin of sardines with like-minded partygoers who are ready to rumble. Sometimes you can’t move on the dance floor, but that’s ok because the Mad Cow Tavern is the venue to create hilarious, lifelong memories for you and your mates. Be sure to always remain coherent and considerate of your surroundings and fellow partygoers. Everyone is at the Mad Cow Tavern for the same reason, to enjoy a few drinks and good times.
Where: 129 Flinders Street, Townsville, QLD 4810
Bullys Nightclub
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Exterior shot, Bullys Nightclub- Townsville

Do you gravitate towards everything electro? Then ignite your electric feel at Bullys Nightclub with some of the most atmosphere-enhancing tunes in Townsville. Bullys Nightclub is all about the electric dance crowd, it’s not out of the ordinary for a twerking competition to erupt smack bang in the middle of your favourite song. If you’re more of a body roller, take a seat because when free drinks are up for grabs this can get competitive. There is a fully equipped bar in Bullys Nightclub and they boast a reasonable cover charge for an evening jam-packed with entertainment. Throw back a jäger shooter, grab your best dance buddy and hit the dance floor at the renowned Bullys Nightclub in Townsville. You might wake up with a sore head and an empty wallet, but you’ll have some amazing stories to tell and at least one new best friend – now that’s something you can’t put a price on.
Where: 1/108 Flinders Street, Townsville, QLD, 4810
Flynns Irish Bar & Bistro
Live music, Flynns Irish Bar and Bistro – Townsville

Put on your paddy cap and squeeze your best friend into your car before rolling on over to Flynns Irish Bar and Bistro for some true Irish banter and fun with your mates. This longstanding favourite claims they have the best craic (a great time with drinks and music) in town. And, with a plethora of international and local brews behind the bar just waiting to be consumed by the party going patrons, you can see why. This venue has a heritage appeal that creates a warm and enticing atmosphere. The first drinking precinct within Flynns is ‘The Wobbly Boot Bar’ where even patrons long in the tooth can have have a cracker of an evening. Then you have ‘The Beergarden’ which is an outdoor area suitable for 150 guests, so order some finger food for the table to accompany you pint of Guinness as you get serenaded by some local Townsville talent.
Where: 101 Flinders Street, Townsville City, QLD, 4810
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