Parenting Hacks to Childproof Your Home

September 18, 2015 - 2 min read

Children are notorious for finding trouble. Stop pulling out your hair, and childproof your home with our easy child-friendly home guide. From the front yard, all the way to the pool, we have tips to help keep your whole home safe for your family.

If a trip to the emergency room is not on the cards, read on to find out how to childproof your home (without using bubble wrap)!

Childproofing Your Pool Area

Chemicals: Lock away all pool chemicals in a shed or cupboard where children cannot access them.

Ladder: If you have an above ground pool, move your ladder away from the pool when it’s not in use.

Pool Alarm: Consider installing a pool alarm, which is designed to detect if there’s any unexpected underwater movement.

Fencing: Ensure your pool fencing meets council regulations by having it installed by a licensed fence contractor, or have them inspect your existing pool fence.

Kid in Pool

Childproofing Your Yard & Entertainment Area

Plants: Walk around your garden and identify and remove any dangerous or poisonous plants to help reduce the risk for your child in the garden. These include plants with thorns, or poisonous sap. Have a gardener do the job for you to ensure you get the job done right.

Equipment: Make sure any play equipment, tables, chairs and structures are stable and cannot fall on your child. Using corner protectors on any sharp corners will help prevent any accidents.

Patio Gates & Balustrades: Installing patio gates and balustrades on your entertainment areas, verandahs and patios will help keep your kids out of harms way. This reduces their chance of falling over unprotected balconies, or stairs.

Fencing: Enclose your property with fencing to help keep your children in, and intruders out.

Garden Kid

Childproofing Inside Your Home

Locks: You can buy locks for just about everything in your home. Place child locks on your fridge, toilet, oven, and cabinets to keep wandering hands from going places they shouldn’t.

Child Gates: Install child gates on areas of the home you don’t want your child entering on their own. Key areas include the kitchen entryway, and at the top and bottom of staircases.

Smoke Alarms: Regularly test your smoke alarms and change their batteries to help ensure your family’s safety against fires.

Power Points & Electrical: Keep powerboards and electrical products turned off and out of the way while they aren’t in use. Hire an electrician to install childproof power points for your peace of mind.

Children playing

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