Packing a balanced lunch in Alice Springs

July 31, 2015 - 2 min read

Struggling to find things to pack in your child’s lunch? We have some tips on how to pack a balanced lunch, to make sure your child is happy and healthy.

Start with complex carbohydrates
While carbohydrates are not recommended for evening meals, lunch is the perfect time to stock up on this kind of body fuel. Why not have a sandwich on grainy bread, or cook a delicious wholemeal pasta dish to take with you to work? This will keep the brain ticking over until it’s time to clock off.
Pack in the protein
Alongside carbs, eating plenty of protein is important for making sure you feel full. Whether you’re eating a plain ol’ sandwich, or have some great leftovers for lunch, make sure a rich source of protein is included. Great protein sources include lean meats such as chicken, tuna or chickpeas as a vegetarian option.
Mix it up with greens
While you may not be eating a whole plate of steamed vegetables for lunch, throwing in a few dark greens such as spinach is a great way to get some extra veggie intake for your day. Leafy greens go great in sandwiches or as a side salad with your protein and carbs.
Snack on fruit
If your lunch hasn’t filled you up, make sure to pack a piece of fruit to get you through to the end of the day! The extra sugar will perk you up, and it’ll be a delicious treat to overcome that 3:30pm slump.
Treat yourself
One important thing when packing a healthy, balanced lunch, is to make sure you enjoy what you’re eating! Whether you indulge on your favourite healthy meal or simply throw in a naughty treat like a biscuit or small piece of chocolate, by spoiling yourself to small snacks every now and again you’ll be more likely to sustain a healthy lifestyle!

How do you pack a balanced lunch? Let us know your favourite lunch snacks below!

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