Elements Day Spa

Beauty analysis, Elements Day Spa – Darwin

 It’s important to look and feel comfortable in your own skin. Sometimes you need to up the anti on your beauty regimes to get results. At Elements Day Spa they understand the best natural and chemical ingredients to use in treatments to get results. This state of the art salon has a micronized marine algae wrap that has been carefully designed to leave you feeling invigorated. This assists in the reduction of fatty deposits, fluid retention and toxins through detoxifying the skin tissue. It is extremley relaxing so you may doze off during, but you will without a doubt wake up with a visible improvement to your cellulite. The wrap is renowned for taking away aches and pains in the body and improving your general quality of life.
Another one to try is the purifying back treatment at Elements Day Spa. This is a deep cleansing scrub designed to purify your pores and extract grime for a dramatic aesthetic improvement. This is followed by a much needed antibacterial mask that offers a deep clean then complete with a reliving back massage that is designed to unknot and destress.
Where: West Lane Arcade, Darwin, NT, 0800
Parap Day Spa

Reception area, Parap Day Spa – Darwin

This little piece of beauty paradise in Darwin, is the ultimate destination if you’re feeling a little outlandish and looking for results. Parap Day Spa, utilises the highest quality products to target your problem areas and electrify the skin you’re in. They offer a facial that incorporates a papaya and pineapple enzyme exfoliating mask that will leave your face feeling smoother than you’ve ever felt. Don’t ever underestimate the power of soft skin! This facial will restore your youthful glow and work to eliminate the dry and damaged zones on your face. This also increases facial skin elasticity which is important to keep you looking younger for longer. If you wakeup in the morning and hesitate to look in the bathroom mirror, book your beautiful self in for a targeted performance option enzyme mask to truly get immediate results and improve the overall moisture of your look.
Do you want people to admire your delightfully dewy face but struggle with some unwanted breakouts or oil retention on your face? Try the Precision Peel available at Parap Day Spa in Darwin which is a complete spectrum exfoliating and deep line peeling treatment that targets skin that has built up a resistance. This is a powerful peel that will combat consuming skin problems like post acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores and excess oil flow. Ultimately, the precision peel will magnify the quality of your skin tone and work at reducing those deep lines or unwanted crevices on your face.
Where: Vickers Street Parap, NT, 0804
Cullen Bay Day Spa
Beauty treatments, Cullen Bay Day Spa – Darwin

This procedure will seem a little intimidating, but also quite necessary if you’re battling with an excessive sweating problem that may be making negative inroads into your personal life. Hyperhydrosis is the scientific term for excessive sweating, this can occur in various parts of the body including hands, feet, or underarms. This problem is more common than you may think, it can be hereditary or prompted by a physiological condition that stops the body from properly regulating its temperature.
The way in which Cullen Bay Day Spa can help halt this nasty trait, is by injecting botox into the specific sweat glands responsible for producing excessive sweat. This is done using an extremely fine needle and is relatively painless. The botox is highly effective as it completely blocks the areas of the body that releases perspiration. This is a quick 20 minute procedure with no downtime. Depending on the client generally the botox will take effect after one week.
Where: Shop 8-10 West Lane Darwin, NT, 0800
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