Preparing for a child

Pregnant belly
Consider pregnancy a 9 month preparation period! Along with providing support and reassurance for your partner, you should be doing as much research as possible. Go to your local Townsville book store for pregnancy-related literature or search around online. The Pregnancy Birth & Baby website is a great resource for both you and your partner.

Antenatal Classes

antenatal class
These classes not only provide pre-natal support, but are a great way to prepare for your partner’s labour and early parenthood. While not all soon-to-be new dads participate, it’s important if you want to learn what your partner is going through. Combine your study with some practical training at an antenatal class for the best possible preparation.

What Exactly Goes On At Antenatal Classes?

Learn about…

  • Diet, exercise & overall health
  • Birthing process & how you can help during the birth
  • Pain relief
  • Breastfeeding
  • Psychological implications

Her Hormones Explained

Pregnant lady relaxing
The female hormone levels change dramatically during pregnancy. It’s important to remember your partner has no control over this. These hormone changes can contribute to things like morning sickness, tiredness, sensitive breasts, bloating and increased emotions.
For more information on what to expect in each phase of pregnancy, view this pregnancy calendar.

Who’s Who & What They Do

Pregnant lady with midwife
When it comes to pregnancy there are a heap of professionals who you can seek support from. In order to get the most out of their services, you need to know what they do!
Midwife—AKA your best friend during pregnancy, midwives provide support by answering questions, listening to your concerns and providing pregnancy advice.
Obstetrician—The doctor who will take care of your partner throughout the entire pregnancy process
Paediatrician—The doctor you will see if your baby requires healthcare or the labour was particularly intensive
Other professionals include obstetric physiotherapists, dieticians, chiropractors and psychologists.

If you want some professional guidance during the pregnancy period, we’ve featured an early parenting centre who can lend a hand. We’ve also provided a Townsville photographer who can capture every moment along the way.

Nurture Family Allied Health & Early Parenting Centre
When it comes providing a complete service for young families and soon-to-be-parents, stop-by Nurture Family Allied Health & Early Parenting Centre for some emotional care and support. Their services include:

  • Parenting support & advice
  • Antenatal & post-natal classes
  • Midwifery services
  • General healthcare, psychologist, chiropractor, post-operative care, plus a load more!

With private health rebates available, book an appointment with Nurture Family Allied Health & Early Parenting Centre today
Where: 107 Charters Towers Rd, Hyde Park, Townsville QLD

Little Details Photography
You only get one shot at maternity and newborn photos, so if you want the job done right call Little Details Photography. Here’s a little overview of their quality products and services:

  • Family, maternity, child & baby photography
  • AIPP accredited photographer
  • Photography available in prints, digital files, wall art and photo books

For beautiful photos of your little miracle, contact Little Details Photography today!
Where: 43 Nettleton St, Mount Louisa, Townsville QLD

This is article is part one of our New Dad series. Keep an eye out for our ‘Tips For The Birth’ and ‘Tips For The First Year’ articles to come…