Need Help Removing Graffiti?

September 9, 2015 - 1 min read

Have you had an experience with some pesky vandals recently? Whether it’s your home or business that is looking more colourful than usual, there’s always a way to remove that awful mess! Simply check out our graffiti removal tips and you’ll be ready to tackle any job.

3 Graffiti Removal Tips

1. Identify the surface type and substance that needs to be removed.
2. Select the appropriate removal method.
3. Apply a protective coating.

Surface Type and Substance Used

Although most graffiti vandals pick up the spray paint cans, this is not the only substance that could be on your surfaces. Also, depending on what material your surface is made of (brick, aluminium, wood, etc.), a different approach to removal may be needed. We’ve included a table to help you decide what action needs to be taken.

Graffiti Removal Pointers

Surface Type

Removal of spray paint/similar materials

Aluminium siding, fiberglassPaint remover (sparingly); rinse with water
GlassRazor blade to scrape off; also use paint thinner
Masonry (including brick, marble, stone, tile granite and concrete)Power washing with low pressure; sand or soda blasting; paint remover or chemical graffiti remover/solvent applied with brush and rinse with water; paint over
MetalPaint thinner or chemical graffiti remover/solvent and rub with steel wool or sandpaper and rinse; power washing; paint over
PavementChemical remover and power washing; soda blasting
Street signsChemical remover (ensure it doesn’t remove reflective coating)
StuccoPaint remover/chemical remover and rinse with a pressure wash; paint over
WoodTry mineral spirits on painted, unweathered wood; power washing with low pressure; sanding; repainting

Please note: these tips and pointers are to be used as guidelines. If you are not entirely confident removing graffiti from your surfaces, you should call a professional.