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June 16, 2015 - 2 min read

Are you having second thoughts about sending your precious little one to a day care centre? Worried they will miss you and have a terrible time? While these feelings are perfectly normal, we’ve provided you with a few reasons to breathe a bit easier.

Playing with others

It’s no secret that childrens’ brains are like sponges. This is why it is all the more important to develop their social skills as early as possible. While some children are more social from a younger age than others, it’s important that they are surrounded by children of their age group. It may seem like a bit of light-hearted fun (which it is!), but your child is also developing socialisation skills that will benefit them for life. You will often find your child is at their happiest when playing with others around the same age. If you’re using a nanny or you’re a stay at home parent it’s important to set up play dates regularly, so your little one is getting the interaction their brain needs.

Skilled carers

While only a parent truly knows what’s best for their child, you’ll be rest assured knowing you’re leaving your little one in the capable hands of a skilled and qualified professional. While all child care centres are different, you’ll be happy to know there are certain qualifications needed before you can care for a child in NSW, as well as certain carer-to-child ratios that centres have to abide by – so your child won’t be neglected.

Better than alternatives

If work has forced you into using child care, you may be thinking, what about nannies or family day care? While family day care is often cheaper, there are less-stringent licensing requirements and if a carer gets sick you are often left in the dark. The same goes for when nannies get sick, along with the fact your child doesn’t get much-needed socialisation with other children their own age (see above).

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