Narrow backyard? No problem!

July 16, 2015 - 1 min read

Having a smaller yard does not mean you can’t have an amazing garden or oasis! Try these big ideas for your small or narrow garden. there are styles to suit anyone and their budget.

Turn any sized yard into a tropical oasis in Shellharbour! Whether you’re looking to landscape your yard yourself, or are just on the hunt for some awesome and unique ideas, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re tired of feeling cramped in your outdoor space, we’ve come up with some practical and beautiful solutions to make even the smallest yard into an adorable space! From courtyards to tranquil garden escapes, there’s an idea for everyone—no matter how oddly-shaped your yard is. Check out these easy ideas for small and narrow yards.

Coastal vibe

Love the beach and want to incorporate it into your outdoor space? If you’d prefer decking to grass, this could be right up your alley! Some beautiful decking, a fireplace and cute beach-style furniture, and you’ll definitely be feeling that coastal vibe.

Zen garden

For a space that exudes tranquillity, you’ll want something like the Zen garden. This garden is designed to help occupants relax and unwind. Natural paving, comfortable furnishings and subtle artworks will all combine to create a gentle ambience. Perfect for meditation, or just a glass of wine with friends.

Urban oasis

If you are after a garden design that requires little-to-no maintenance, opt for a small amount of grass, and concrete or pave the rest of the space. Add some potted plants and comfortable outdoor furniture, and you’ve got a trendy, low-maintenance space.

Playful style

Playful can mean anything, it just depends on your personality and style. Whether you’re after a pop of colour in your gardenbed, or want something more literal such as a built-in sandpit for the kids, the options for a playful yard are endless.