The big screen experience 

So we have two choices for you tonight ladies and gentlemen. First up is the night out. That’s right – head home, grab a shower and doll yourself up because tonight you and your partner are heading back to the 1980’s, when it was cool to take dates to the back seat of the cinema. So book your tickets to a movie at BCC Cinemas Coffs Harbour and enjoy a retro date night – popcorn included.
Coffs Lane Bistro
Before you head to the pictures tonight, be sure to indulge in something that is a little extra special – after all, it’s date night! Coffs Lane Bistro specialises in mouth-watering dishes which will be sure to stop the rumbling of your stomachs during that silent scene. Using the finest local produce, you can be guaranteed that the dish presented in front of you is both delicious and fresh. Relax in their quaint location and enjoy a plate of perfectly cooked tuna with a crisp and fruity glass of white wine to compliment it. Remember to keep eye on the time, as you could easily get carried away at this wonderful location and miss the cinema all together.
Where: 78/746 Pacific Hwy, Sapphire Beach, NSW, 2450

The small screen experience 

Alright, so maybe you don’t fancy a big night out, but don’t let this ruin your night. You know those old fashioned shops which used to hire out videos? Well they still exist, so pop down to your nearest store and rent out one of the latest Hollywood blockbusters for your screen at home. While you’re at it, treat yourself to some takeaway – go on, we dare you!
Northside Pizza

You’re going to need something to eat, so what better cuisine to enjoy while watching the latest blockbuster than pizza! This classic favourite is the ultimate movie night food, and we’re going to tell you why. With no plates, cutlery, or table manors needed, you can simply pick and eat until you heart (or your stomach) is content. For the perfect slice, make sure you visit Northside Pizza located on Park Beach Road. Serving up a selection of tasty classics as well as original slices including, chicken and avocado with tomato, cashew nuts and basil pesto, your tastebuds will be left nothing less than satisfied. Open from 5pm to 9pm, Northside Pizza is the ideal location to get your takeaway for supper tonight.
Where: Northside Shopping Cntr, Park Beach Road, Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450
 Coffs Harbour Jetty Cellars
After you’ve chosen the movie and grabbed dinner, head down to Coffs Harbour Jetty Cellars to purchase your favourite bottle to enjoy at home. Whether you’re planning a romantic date night with your special someone or having a girly night in with your best friends, you’ll be sure to find your perfect bottle at this bottleshop. From national and international wines, to the most premium of beers and ales, there is a bottle for everyone at Coffs Harbour Jetty Cellars. Been sent out with strict orders from your girlfriend for a specific wine? Ask one of the lovely staff at this friendly bottleshop to help you out – because no body want’s an unhappy partner.
Where: Jetty Village Shopping Ctr, Orlando Street, Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450
How do you prefer to watch movies? Whether you prefer the sofa experience or the big screen, let us know where you like to eat before and after the film!