Motorcycle Safety Tips For Beginner Riders

November 5, 2015 - 3 min read

Passing your motorbike driving test and getting your licence is just the first step in ensuring your safe on two wheels while on the road. Help ensure your safety, and others, while out on your motorbike with our tips for beginner riders.

Riding a motorcycle shouldn’t be any more dangerous than travelling in any other vehicle. Poor motorcycle riding techniques, as well as not being cautious and aware are the causes of most motorcycle-related crashes. To steer clear of any accidents, there are a number of things to consider. From wearing the appropriate protective equipment to properly navigating curvy roads, check out our tips for staying safer on two wheels.

Get Geared Up

Motorbike protective equipment is the only thing shielding you from heavy impacts and abrasions when an accident occurs. Apart from potentially saving your life, protective equipment is also great for keeping out wind and rain—making for a more pleasant ride. You should try to pick brighter equipment so it’s easier to be seen.

Recommended equipment includes:

Pick Up Hazards

The key to staying safe as a motorcyclist is always being on guard. You need to continuously observe your surroundings, expecting the unexpected. Anticipating any possible danger early will enable you to respond quicker, allowing you to stay in control and avoid any accident.

Navigating Windy Roads

Reports suggest that half of all motorcycle accidents happen on curves. You should slow down before you reach a curve to avoid breaking while turning—always slower when wet. Take a wide arc when turning in order to give you the best chance of seeing any possible risks that may lie ahead early.

Ride To Be Seen

Never assume other vehicles can see you. You should avoid positioning yourself in the blind spot of other vehicles, as well as wearing bright protective equipment and turning your lights on.

Keep A Safe Distance

The bigger the distance you have between you and the cars around you, the more time you have to react if you need to stop suddenly. Try to ensure there is at least a 3 second gap between you and the vehicle in front. You should also try changing lanes if it’s going to free up space or let tailgaters pass.

Know Your Rules

As a motorcyclist, knowing all the road rules 100% is crucial to staying safe. Here’s a few rules that motorcyclists get most confused about:

Ensure Your Motorcycle Is Safe

If you’re ever in the situation where you need to avoid an accident, you want to know your motorcycle will respond well to sudden breaking. You should constantly check your tyres to ensure they’re not too worn, as well as getting the brakes regularly serviced. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new motorbike, try to invest in a reputable brand with ABS brakes, for added safety.

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