Motivate Your Kids To Do Their Homework!

January 8, 2016 - 2 min read

It can be a difficult battle to get students motivated in class, but it can be even harder at home. Try these great tips to get your kids to study, without the tantrums!

Top Tips to Get Kids to Do Homework Without Stress

1. Get To Know Your Child’s Strengths

Understand what your child enjoys. Ask them about their day to help them revise what they have learnt and to find out what subjects they are interested in. This is a good start to grasp their level of knowledge, and cater to their skill set.
They are still learning, but you need to have faith in their ability to complete set tasks too. Help them understand that the work will support their time management, discipline and critical thinking skills. Try beginning with easy work to warm up and move onto harder work that they may find challenging.

2. Create A Homework Schedule

Plans are the best way to guide students and teachers through a schooling semester. Set deadlines for your child give them a daily plan with specific homework hours. Ensure you create a semester plan including homework and assignments, as this will help you keep on top of your child’s responsibilities.

3. Set Up A Study Zone

Get them motivated with an afternoon snack to keep their energy levels up. Ensure that they are set up in their study zone with all of the equipment they need. The space should be free of distractions too. Try doing your bills and work at the same time in the same space, working as a role model for your child. This will also allow you to keep tabs on their productivity.

4. Reward Them Responsibly

Let them know that they will not be able to play video games, watch TV or catch up with friends until their work is done. Reward them occasionally with spare time and family-orientated fun. Trying to motivate them with bribes and constant rewards can lead to adverse effects. Turn their work into games with maths puzzles and spelling quizzes to help them learn. Most importantly, praise them with positive feedback and don’t let them become discouraged.

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