Delano Coffee

Chic decor, Delano Coffee - Newcastle
Chic decor, Delano Coffee – Wollongong

If you are looking for somewhere that eats, lives and breathes caffeine, Delano Coffee is the place for you. This ultimate brewing hangout not only home-roasts their beans but also serves up iconic and flavoursome mugs of goodness, perfect for a newbie mother deprived of sleep. If you are looking for something to keep you awake, you’re in the right spot. Whether you’re after a flat white, mocha, espresso or latte, Delano coffee are able to fufill your demands. Relax in their quirky minimalist location with your babies and buggies as you natter, sip and laugh about your latest mishaps.
Where: 85 Montague Street, North Wollongong, NSW, 2500
Agape Cafe

Fresh and bright, Agape Cafe - Newcastle
Fresh and bright, Agape Cafe – Wollongong

Head down to Agape Cafe for your mothers meeting this week. Launched in 2011, this fantastic location prides itself on its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, making every customer feel comfortable and relaxed – something so imperative when you’re learning to juggle your new life as a mum. With an awesome range of both coffees and teas, as well as snacks and more wholesome meals, you are able to hang here for hours while chatting with your girlfriends about everything and anything under the sun. Enjoy the use of free wifi throughout the cafe, allowing your toddlers to quietly watch their favourite cartoon on the iPad, while you enjoy some long awaited adult conversation. Located close to the centre of town near the train station, you are able to stroll in after a morning of shopping and stroll out before picking up your eldest from school.
Where: 1 Railway Station Square, Wollongong, NSW, 2500
Diggies Cycle Cafe
Muffins await, Diggies Cycle Cafe - Wollongong
Muffins await, Diggies Cycle Cafe – Wollongong

Bored of your average coffee house? If so be sure to check out Diggies Cycle Cafe with the girls this week. Located on Kiera Street, this cycling hotspot merges its love of pedal-pushing with its passion for coffee, to deliver all customers with a truly unique coffee-stop experience. If you’re one for putting the kids on the cross-bar and heading out for a ride around town, Diggies Cycle Cafe is the place for you. Relax in their fresh outdoor seating area as you indulge in a zingy coffee and freshly baked muffin while nattering with your fellow Wollongong mums. With friendly and helpful staff willing to assist you with all your needs, this coffee hotspot is the ideal location to gather the pram army for a weekly catch-up.
Where: 301 Keira Sreet, Wollongong, NSW, 2500
Bostons Espresso
Farm-house feel, Bostons Espresso - Wollongong
Farm-house feel, Bostons Espresso – Wollongong

Featuring rustic decor and an almost modern-farmhouse feel, Bostons Espresso is the ideal location to rest your sore feet and relax with your friends over a great coffee. With both indoor and outdoor seating areas, there is plenty of space for all your buggies to fit comfortably while you chill out and discuss your latest parenting problems with the girls. If constant cries are keeping you from sleeping in, have no fear as Bostons Espresso open their doors at 7am each day, allowing you to grab that caffeine hit in order to make you feel half-human again. If nothing quite beats something sweet, be sure to check out their super selection of cakes, pastries and buns which are available every day. Whether you follow a sugar-free, paleo or gluten-free diet, there is a delicious treat for you.
Where: 11-15 Atchison Street, Wollongong, NSW, 2500
Where is your local mothers meeting hang out? Let us know below!