Most Popular Big Things in Queensland

Did you know Australia has the most ‘Big Things’ or ‘Big Icons’ statues in the world. We would like to celebrate all things big with our Top 23 Big Things in Queensland. Keep reading for our ultimate road trip guide.

Queensland is renowned for having the most ‘Big Things’ in Australia.

‘Big Things’ or ‘Big Icons’ are mammoth statues of everything from dinosaurs and animals to fruit and seafood. While seemingly odd, they’ve become famous tourism attractions.

Planning a road trip is the best way to see these iconic statues as you pass through these various locations with each one having something different to offer besides the attraction itself.

This may be a long road trip, but ticking off some of the best big icons in Queensland will be worth it.

There are 23 Big Things that you can chose from on your road trip to help make it as worthwhile as possible.

Keep reading, as this is your guide on your journey, providing you with all the locations of theses attractions in Queensland, as well as the other attractions and things to do at your stops.

23 Big Things Queensland Road Trip

1. The Big Dinosaur  

Location: Ballandean QLD 4382

The Big Dinosaur of Ballandean is hard to miss with its crazy-eyed stare and big horn, as well as the sheer size of this green triceratops. Located outside the Ballandean Community Hall, the surrounding vineyards are a great addition to stop and explore.

There is some speculation around whether The Big Dinosaur should be considered a “Big Thing” due to the fact it is only four-fifths of the size of the now extinct real-life triceratops. This defeats the concept that the Big Things should be bigger than the actual size of the object or animal. Nonetheless, this beast is still fairly large and a great attraction to see for yourself.

2. The Big Mower  

Location: 89 Beerwah Parade, Beerwah QLD 4519

Has your grass been getting too long to handle? No job is too big for the Big Mower as it stands at an impressive 11 meters tall.

The big mower can be found in Beerwah and stays true to the concept of the Big Things nature as it is almost 10 times bigger than the average-sized mower. Make sure to stop here on your road trip because you might not see a lawnmower bigger than this ever again.

3. The Big Watermelon  

Location: 133 Chinchilla St, Chinchilla QLD 4413

You’ve never seen a watermelon like this before. This fruity Big Thing boasts some notable dimensions at 3 meters high and 9 meters long. You can find this mega-melon in Chinchilla, the Western Downs region of Queensland.

Chinchilla is well known for their watermelon festival, running each year in February, so it is the perfect time to visit the region and attraction. Whether you are planning on partaking in the festivities or just want to see a big watermelon, Chinchilla is the place you want to be.

4. The Big Strawberry  

Location: 89 Beerwah Parade, Beerwah QLD 4519

While there are 1-meter-tall strawberries you see initially when passing by the strawberry farm in Elimbah, the real Big Strawberry is located on the Rolin family farm itself. The Big strawberry is 4-meters tall, which is not as big as some of the other things on this list, but is massive in comparison to the size of a regular strawberry.

Beerwah and the Big Strawberry are great places to visit during the June to October months as this is during the harvest season for strawberries making for a fun opportunity to do some strawberry picking.

5. The Big Pineapple  

Location: Nambour Connection Rd, Woombye QLD 4559

One of the biggest icons on this list, and one of the most popular, is the Big Pineapple. This whopping tropical fruit stands at an impressive 16-meters tall in comparison to a regular pineapple, which is only around 50cm tall.

You can find this giant fruit near the Nambour Connection Roadin Woombye, in the Sunshine Coast Region.

The Big Pineapple opened in August 1971 as a two-level museum with a pineapple-themed exhibit, which still runs to this day. This is one of the most interesting and worthwhile Big Things to visit, so make sure to make this a priority stop on your road trip.

6. The Giant Koala  

Location: Montville, QLD 4560

The sheer size of the Big Koala is what has earned its place on this list, despite some people not considering it an official Big Icon.

You can find this furry friend in Montville on the Sunshine Coast and although it may not be as big as its Melbourne counterpart, it still gets the job done in terms of being a bigger-than-life replica.

7. The Big Meat Ant  

Location: 73 Main St, Augathella 4477

This colossal creepy crawly creature is something that may cause shudders instead of smiles.

The big meat Ant is considered to be the mascot of Augathella, a small town in Western Queensland. Augathella’s local soccer (football for the purists) team is in fact called the meat ants, hence the critter statue.

It is said that back in the 1960s, the town’s football team was quite aggressive while on the field, just as meat ants are aggressive towards other ants. They also wore maroon jerseys and blue shorts, resembling the body of a meat ant. It’s easy to see how they were inspired to create their permanent mascot.

The Big Meat Ant was installed in 2011 to help attract tourists to visit Augathella. It has since become a Big Thing many make the journey to see.

8. The Big Macadamia Nut  

Location: Nambour Connection Rd, Woombye QLD 4559

The Big Macadamia nut is an impressive site to see when it comes to the size of this 16-meter-tall nut. If you’re already stopping by the Big Pineapple, you should also swing by the Big Macadamia Nut, located on the same property on Nambour Connection Road in Woombye.

The trees on the Big Pineapple property have grown so big they almost cover the nut, but luckily it can still be seen from the car park. While the macadamia landmark isn’t set for any renovations, it is still a sight to behold.

9. The Big Pelican

Location: 180 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville QLD 4566

In 1971 the Big Pelican was built in Noosaville, positioned amongst shade-covered parklands, a popular spot for real-life pelicans. What makes this Big Thing one of the most interesting in the list, is that it can actually move its eyelashes, rotate its head, flap its wings, and open and close its bill. 

Noosaville is a beautiful destination to visit and has amazing beaches and restaurants with fresh seafood, showcasing its ability to offer so much more than just its Big Pelican.

10. The Big Orange

Location: 3 Mick Lutvey Street, Gayndah QLD 4625

Gayndah is known as the citrus capital of the year, making it the perfect location for the Big Orange in Queensland.

The best time of the year to visit the Big Orange is between April and October as this is when you will be able to indulge in the fresh produce grown on the property. At 4 meters in diameter, this Big Thing is much larger than an actual orange.

While at this pitstop, ensure you take a moment to enjoy the fresh citrus taste of orange to get you energised for the rest of your trip.

11. The Big Ned Kelly

Location: 148 Gympie Rd, Tinana QLD 4650

The Big Ned Kelly can be found in Tinana, Queensland and stands at 8 meters tall, which is about 4 times the size of the man himself. He’s not to be mistaken with the Big Ned Kelly down in Glenrowan, Victoria.

While we’re talking about statues, Tinana is near Maryborough, where you can find the famous Mary Poppins statue. The author of Mary Poppins, PL Travers, was born in Maryborough, so the town celebrates with an annual festival.

Who knew there were so many iconic statues in the area?

12. The Big Bundaberg Bottle of Rum

Location: 36 Avenue Street, Bundaberg east QLD 4670

You guessed it, the Big Bundaberg bottle of rum is in none other than Bundaberg, Queensland. It is a very popular tourist destination as people go to try the famous Bundaberg traditional lemonade and ginger beer, as well as the Bundaberg rum.

The Big Bundaberg Bottle of Rum stands at 7 meters tall and makes for a great photo. This is a great opportunity for all those who are a fan of rum as you can explore the distillery where they make this famous Australian liquor.

13. The Big Crab Gladstone

Location: Cnr Dougall & Roe Streets, Miriam Vale QLD 4677

You receive two-for-one with the Big Crab as there are in fact two iconic crab statues in Queensland, the first being in Gladstone.

The Big Crab in Gladstone is about 2 meters tall and has been mounted on top of the Shell petrol station and roadhouse on Dougall Street, along the Bruce Highway. It has been around since 1979 and resembles a deep-sea red crab to help grab people’s attention.

14. The Big Easel

Location: Emerald QLD 4720

The Big Easel in Emerald is a tribute to Van Gogh’s sunflowers as a symbol of hope and life. It was constructed in 1999 and is the tallest Big Thing on the list, standing at an impressive 25 meters tall.

Why does Emerald celebrate Van Gough, you ask? Well, Emerald is one of the seven locations chosen by the artist Cameron Cross to paint a reproduction of Van Gogh’s sunflowers.

Emerald is a major center for growing sunflowers in Australia and hosts a sunflower festival every year making it perfect for this Big Easel. Don’t miss out on seeing the tallest Big Thing in Queensland.

15. The Big Dugong  

Location: Dreamtime cultural centre, Bruce Highway, Rockhampton, QLD

Located in Rockhampton, the Big Dugong has been around since 1992.

The Big Dugong is without a doubt one of the biggest items on this list. It boasts impressive dimensions of 22m x 12m, which is very big in relation to the life size Dugong, which are big creatures in themselves.

The Big Dugong is located within the Dreamtime Cultural Centre, which recognises the original occupants of the land, the Darambul Tribe. Access to the Dreamtime Cultural Centre starts at $7.50 for kids, ranging to $15.50 for adults. However, all funds help maintain the beautiful lands and help educate locals and visitors alike on both the area, its traditional landowners and the importance of the dugong.

16. The Big Cane Toad

Location: 48 Broad St, Sarina QLD 4737

Buffy, or The Big Cane Toad, is a 4.5-meter-long amphibian nicknamed located in the town center of Sarina. The nickname Buffy comes from the scientific name for a cane toad (Bufo Marinus).

Built in 1983, Buffy was originally intended to be used as a float for the Sarina sugar festival. The Big Cane Toad was later decided to become a permanent feature in the town to help recognise Sarina’s sugar cane farming history.

You can find Buffy on Broad Street, which also runs off the Bruce highway. Accompanied by a shady picnic spot and toilets nearby, this makes for the perfect break in your Queensland road trip.

17. The Big Mango 

Location: 236 Bruce Hwy, Bowen QLD 4805

At a towering 10-meter-high, the Big Mango is a symbol for the tasty fruit, located in the town of Bowen, known for its delicious mangoes.

The mango can be found on the Bruce Highway and has beautiful views of the Whitsundays Coast, making it a great spot to pull-over during a road trip and enjoy the fresh ocean air.

You’ll find the Big Mango right by the Bowen visitor information center, where you can also try some of the delicious local mango sorbet. On the Big Mango grounds, you will also find artwork displays from local artists, which is yet another reason to visit this Big Thing.

18. The Big Pumpkin  

Location: 24998 Bruce Hwy, Gumlu QLD 4805

The Big Pumpkin is located along the Bruce highway in Gumlu, Whitsunday region, North Queensland. The Pumpkin has a missing slice which exposes the interior of it. There is a local farmers market roadside that is adjacent to the Big Pumpkin.

This is where the locals bring produce from their farms which mostly consists of fruits and vegetables. This makes it a great place to stop and get a picture with the Big Pumpkin as well as pick up some fresh ingredients for dinner.

19. The Big Crab Cardwell

Location: 87 Victoria street, Cardwell QLD 4849

The second Big Crab located in Cardwell and is not as similar as you would think as it stands at 4 meters tall, double that of its fellow Big Crab in Gladstone. This colossal crustacean can be found sitting above the Seaview Café in Cardwell, a small town in the north of Queensland.

Unlike the Gladstone Crab, the Cardwell crab is designed after a mud crab to help advertise the type of food that is served at the restaurant.

20. The Big Cassowary

Location: 32 Wongaling Beach Rd, Wongaling Beach QLD 4852

Mission Beach, Queensland is home to the Big Cassowary statue as well as a population of southern cassowary, which is currently endangered. Standing at 5 meters tall outside the Wongaling beach shopping complex, the statue aims to raise awareness about this dwindling species..

They can be found all around the town and can even make their way into local gardens and resorts so be careful because they can be aggressive when approached. Also be aware when driving through here as the amount of road accidents have recently increased due to the Cassowary population. Stop and learn more about this endangered species while getting to see a Big Cassowary.

21. The Big Barramundi

Location: Gulfland Motel & Caravan Park, 11 Landsborough Street, Normanton QLD

Constructed in 1995, the Big Barramundi is one of the most famous Big Things in Queensland. This 6-meter-long fish located in Normanton symbolizes the towns fishing culture in the Norman River.

Normanton is also believed the be home to one of the biggest saltwater crocodiles named Krys. Come and see the Big Barramundi and stick around to catch a glimpse of Krys.

22. The Big Peanut

Location: Cnr Kennedy Hwy and Auld Road, Tolga QLD 4882

This Big Thing is very sneaky when it comes to the actual size of the peanut because it sits on top of the sign for the peanut place, which is taller than the peanut itself. It is however still considered a Big Thing and can be found in the Atherton tablelands of Tolga, Queensland.

It was built in 1977 for The Peanut Place, but unfortunately it closed in 2018 for the time being. Despite this the Big Peanut still stands tall only suffering minor damages from weather. You may not be able to see The Peanut Place but the Big Peanut is still there for everyone to admire.

23. The Big Captain Cook

Location: 204-212 Sheridan St, Cairns North QLD 4870

Cairns is home to the towering monument of Captain Cook who has stood alongside the busiest passage, Sheridan Street, for almost 50 years. This 14-meter-tall statue has been around since 1972 and is one of the largest big things in Queensland.

Captain Cook was a British explorer who achieved the first European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia. He is considered an icon by the locals and with the Great Barrier Reef so close it would be a no brainer to visit this amazing attraction.

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