The first cocktail you need to whip up shares the same name as the Queen. This is a strong beverage that has been enjoyed since the prohibition era, and is sure to liven up your long weekend.
Queen Elizabeth

Enjoy this drink with a fresh lime twist!
Enjoy this drink with a fresh lime twist!

– 1 and 1/2 shots of dry vermouth
– 1 shot of Benedictine
– 1 shot of lime juice or gin (depending on how strong you like your drinks!)
Shake all ingredients in a martini shaker, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
The second beverage is a personal favourite of Queen Elizabeth II, and is a fruity gin based cocktail. Rumour hast it a sip of this royal beverage will have you speaking in an English accent and wishing you owned a corgi.
Dubonnet Cocktail
This gin & dubonnet cocktail is delish!
This gin & dubonnet cocktail is delish!

– 2 shots of Dubonnet rouge (or a red wine aperitif)
– 1 shot of Gin
– 1 slice of lemon
Put the Dubonnet and gin into a glass and stir with ice. Strain the drink back into a cocktail glass and serve with two ice cubes and a slice of lemon.
All excited to make your very own royal cocktail, but not sure where to source your ingredients? We’ve done the hard yards and found the best bottleshops in Cairns where you can buy all of your ingredients.
Louie’s Liquor Barn
Located in Edmonton, just south of Cairns, is Louie’s Liquor Barn. This is part of the Hambleton Hotel and stocks a huge range of top-shelf liqueurs (including Benedictine for your Queen Elizabeth). Pop by this bottleshop this long weekend and grab everything you need – down to the ice – from the friendly staff at this bottleshop. Don’t have what you want in store? Ask them to order it in for you and choose from the huge range of incredible beverages they have on offer.
Where: 127 Bruce Highway, Edmonton QLD 4869
English Street Cellars
If you live in the suburbs and need a convenient local bottleshop, English Street Cellars are for you! On English Street in Manunda, you’ll be able to pop by between 10am and 8pm on Friday or Saturday to stock up for your gathering. If you have friends who prefer wine and beers to cocktails, check out their huge range of other top-shelf alcohol in store. This is sure to quickly become your local favourite due to its handy location for those who live outside of the CBD.
Where:95 English Street, Manunda QLD 4870
Cellarbrations at the Grand Hotel
Smack bang in the middle of Cairns, you’ll find Cellarbrations at the Grand Hotel. Open until 10pm every night except for Sunday, you can’t miss out on visiting this bottleshop for all of your alcohol needs. Pop inside and ask the friendly staff for help finding the perfect type of gin, or a dry vermouth to help with your cocktail recipes. Boasting a huge range of premium and affordable liquors, Cellarbrations at the Grand Hotel can help you find exactly what you need.
Where: 34 McLeod Street, Cairns QLD 4870
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Know of a royal cocktail we haven’t included here? Let us know your bartending secrets below!