Medispas; What actually are they?

We’ve answered all your medispa questions. If you’ve ever wondered how they differ from a normal spa, what treatments they offer or if you can get a medicare rebate we’ve covered it all.

Medispas; if you’re anything like us, you aren’t too sure how they differ from a normal day spa, nor what they offer. Can you get a facial at a medispa? Do I have to have a doctor refer to me to have a medispa treatment? Is it a doctor actually doing your treatment?

Medispas, also known as medical spas in some places, are all the rage for cosmeceutical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. What does this mean? Find out below as we answer the most frequently asked questions about medispas in Australia.

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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Medispas

What are medispas?

The key difference between a day spa and medispa is the latter must operate under the guidance of a licensed health care professional. This is due to the medical approach to the cosmetic treatments available for both men and women. Treatments may be for general cosmetic purposes or to help with a medical concern.

What treatments are available at medispas?

Medispas offer a range of treatments including skin care, hair removal, facial treatments and spa service, just to name a few. Your initial appointment will be a consultation to assess your current condition and treatment goals. This consultation will often be with a nurse or doctor.

Are medispas safe?

In short, yes, medispas are safe. However, that’s not to say all medispas are created equally. While medispas are run by a licensed medical professional, it doesn’t mean that you’re always being treated by them. 

Before undertaking treatment at a medispa, it is recommended you find out if there is always a registered nurse or doctor on site. If the clinic allows, ask for a tour. Use your own judgment on cleanliness.

Why are medispas so popular?

Medispas have slowly become more affordable and accessible to the average Australian. This, along with the rise in health and wellness culture, has caused a surge in medispa popularity. 

More people are feeling the pressure to look their best for longer and medispas can help achieve that through their beauty treatments.

How do medispas differ from a normal spa?

While a day spa focuses on relaxation and general beauty, a medispa provides medical approaches to aid with specific cosmetic concerns. For example, you’re more likely to book in for a massage, facial or pedicure at a day spa. You’d enquire at a medispa for treatments like laser hair removal or to help reduce the affects of aging.

Day spas however focuses on the improvement of the visitors mind and body. They use relaxation techniques, including massages and aromas to treat their visitors.

Can you claim a Medicare rebate for medispa services?

What and how much you can claim for a medispa treatment varies drastically depending on your situation. Generally speaking, most cosmetic procedures will not be covered unless they are required as a result of injury, such as reconstructive surgery. Depending on the treatment required, you may be able to claim some of the expense through your private health care fund.

The best way to determine what you’re entitled to is to speak to Medicare or your treatment specialist at your local medispa.

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