Masala Indian Cuisine

Indian food selection, Masala Indian Cuisine – Townsville

Did you know that traditional Indian Chicken Vindaloo is said to be more effective at treating a headache than aspirin? If you’re feeling a little flat or have a throbbing headache after staring at your computer screen all day, head to Masala Indian Cuisine and order their Vindaloo with chicken cooked in a spicy vindaloo sauce straight from Goa. Vindaloo is prepared with large amounts of beneficial spices including garlic, pepper, ginger, chilli and curry. Studies have shown that Chicken Vindaloo offers protection from colon cancer and incorporates an ingredient called salicylate which is also found in aspirin hence it’s ability to battle your painful migraine. A main ingredient in Indian curry spice is Turmeric which contains curcuminoids that are notorious for having healing properties. Curcuminoids also have antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory fighting ingredients. So if you’re feeling ill a good dose of Chicken Vindaloo from Masala Indian Cuisine will be the perfect remedy.
Where: 79 Palmer Street, South Townsville, QLD, 4810
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Thai International Restaurant

Interior setting, Thai International Restaurant -Townsville

A favourite meal for patients all around the world is the classic Chicken soup, because it is renowned for giving people the strength to combat germs. At Thai International Restaurant they create a deliciously tangy rendition of the traditional soup prepared with lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, mushrooms, lemon juice, chilli and of course quality local chicken. With all of these ingredients combined you will be fit and well again in no time.  Like your parents always told you, it’s very important to eat your vegetables to keep your strength, so try the steamed veggies in peanut sauce or the curry packed with numerous local vegetables brought together with coconut milk. Another ingredient thoroughly incorporated into their menu is ginger which is a natural antibacterial. It’s a good idea to keep your ginger levels up when you’re feeling a little lousy so order the delicious beancurd in ginger which is fried soft tofu sautéed in young ginger, dried mushrooms, capsicum, onions and soya bean sauce. If you feel like you’re swallowing razor blades, complete your dining experience with lychees and ice cream to really soothe that sore throat.
Where: 235 Flinders Street, Townsville, QLD, 4810
Paleo Cafe Townsville

Smashed avo and poached eggs, Paleo Cafe – Townsville

When you’re feeling unwell, you more than likely are desperate for a caffeine hit. Head to the Paleo Cafe in Townsville and start with a quality cup of coffee, or maybe a nice soothing green tea to give you that much needed energy boost. Then get your daily intake of fruit and veggies in one glass by washing back a nutrient packed green juice with kale, cucumber, pear, lemon and coconut water. Add healthy extras to your morning juice like spriulina, chia seeds or Maca powder for a little kick. Sip on the chefs weekly soup packed with goodness or if you’re felling something more hearty indulge in the zucchini and kale frittata served with a fresh garden salad. At the Paleo Cafe they understand all avenues of health, and compile their meals with as much nutritional value as possible. Also make sure you buy a bottle of their Kombucha otherwise known as a magic elixir, that assists in curing everything from digesting issues to the common cold, it is also very low in sugar and calories.
Where: 383 Flinders Street, Townsville City, QLD, 4810
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