Makeup organising hacks!

August 11, 2015 - 2 min read

Calling all makeup lovers! We’ve found some amazing hacks and tips to keep all your products organised.

If you’re a beauty and makeup addict, we bet your impressive collection is starting to overflow your bathroom vanity! We’ve got some great makeup organising hacks to make your beauty regime that bit more straightforward—from the perfect place to store your brushes, through to finding that exact eyeshadow shade in a jiffy, everything you’ll need to get sorted is below!

Over-the-door shoe hanger

You’ve probably walked past a million shoe organisers in the shops, but did you ever stop to think that maybe it could be used for something other than storing heels and flip flops? These over-the-door hanging storage options are great for keeping those eyeshadows, blushers and other bits and pieces organised. The best part is the clear design means everything can be seen without having to rummage through a messy drawer of makeup!

Magnetic board

If you want a way to save some space on your counter top, while still being able to easily access your makeup collection, purchase yourself a magnetic board. All you have to do is stick on small magnets to the backs of your makeup and they can be easily displayed on your wall!

Container + decorative stones

If you want a way to store those makeup brushes that won’t ruin the fibres, the answer is so simple: Buy a container! Whether it’s a pretty pot or jar, fill it with decorative stones and then stick the brushes in—they’ll stand right up! This will keep them organised and out of harm’s way.

Magazine racks

If you’ve got a stack of makeup palettes that don’t yet have a home, buy yourself a cheap magazine rack. This will keep your palettes stored upright—making them easy to see and access! Whether you place it in a cupboard or display your beauties on your vanity, this is a quick, easy and cheap option for keeping those larger makeup items organised.

Spice racks

If you need somewhere to store your nail polish, perfume or foundation collection, then install a few spice racks in your bathroom. These are the perfect size to host those little bottles that often find themselves rolling around inside your drawers.