Visit the Miami Marketta
Are you a fan of gritty, bluesy notes and tones; awesome grungy guitar riffs all with a hint of funk and reggae? Well you’ll love Phil Barlow and the Wolf! Performing this Friday night at the Miami Marketta, join their loyal fans (or as they like to call, their wolf pack) for a night of dancing, or sit down and enjoy some conversations while listening to them from a distance. Perhaps you’d prefer to come for the fashion and art stalls, or socialise with some food and drink? While you’ll be spoilt for choice with all the different stalls on offer, we’ve found three must-try food spots below.
Where: 23 Hillcrest, Parade Miami QLD
Don’t walk past these great tasting street food-style food stalls!
Stall #1 – The Good Food Catering Co

Tasty street food, The Good Food Catering Co - Gold Coast
Tasty street food, The Good Food Catering Co – Miami

If you like your street food gourmet, then look no further than The Good Food Catering Co. Look for the black and white stall, which has no correlation to the amazing vibrant flavours of their food. A frequent attendee at the Miami Marketta, Lawrence will serve you up some quality meat, a tasty side and a flavoursome sauce. We suggest choosing the ginger chicken served with sweet potato garam masala and honey mash, topped with coriander and ginger dressing. There’s even marinated octopus for those seafood lovers out there. While The Good Food Catering Co is always busy at the Miami Marketta, don’t be afraid to contact him about your next function or event.
Where: 23 Hillcrest, Parade Miami QLD
Stall #2 – Arepas Original Co
Traditional Venezuelan cuisine, Arepas Original Co - Miami
Traditional Venezuelan cuisine, Arepas Original Co – Miami

Have you ever eaten Venezuelan cuisine before? If not, don’t walk past the Arepas Original Co’s food stand! For a little South American culinary adventure in the heart of Miami, sink your teeth into a perfectly grilled arepa. This traditional Venezuelan dish is a gluten-free cornmeal flatbread that is grilled until perfectly crisp and then stuffed with a variety of fillings (sort of like a soft taco, pocket bread hybrid). The team at Arepas Original Co offer up to seven different flavours, so whether you like grilled chicken and avocado or would prefer shredded beef and cheese, there’s something for everyone. If you fall in love with this stall, you can taste similar dishes (plus more) at their store in Kirra Beach, called Latin Roots Areperia.
Where: 23 Hillcrest, Parade Miami QLD
Stall #3 – The Hungry Hungarian
Another tasty langos, The Hungry Hungarian - Miami
Another tasty langos, The Hungry Hungarian – Miami

If you are not familiar with the terms goulash and langos, you certainly will be after stopping by The Hungry Hungarian. Oliver has been moving from market to market selling his renowned Hungarian dishes since 2013. Langos is essentially a traditional Hungarian specialty where flat bread is deep fried and given a delicious topping. While this may sound simple, it tastes amazing. If you’re after something a little more wholesome, you can try the goulash which is a delicious stew of meat and veggies topped with paprika and a range of other spices. Can’t get enough of The Hungry Hungarian? You can also feast on some langos and goulash at the Burleigh Farmers Markets and the Village Markets in Burleigh and Main Beach.
Where: 23 Hillcrest, Parade Miami QLD
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