Make the most out of a small home

July 21, 2015 - 2 min read

Whether you’ve chosen to downsize your home, or can only afford a one-bedroom apartment, most of us find ourselves living in a small house at some point in our lives. Feeling like we don’t have enough space can be frustrating and stressful—however the answer isn’t always a bigger home.

We’ve found some awesome small home hacks to make the most out of your tiny space. Read on for some fantastic ideas.

If your small home has been giving you grief, we’ve found some great storage hacks to make the most out of your space.

Use the space under stairs

One of the least utilised spaces in the home is under the stairs. If you’ve got a traditional staircase, build some cupboards and shelving with roll out drawers to make the most of the area. Do you have a floating staircase? Use the area underneath to store every day items like keys, umbrellas and bags in stylish-looking crates.

Hide storage in furniture

One of the biggest space savers ever, is by making your furniture multi-functional, double as storage. This works especially well with benches, but you can also try storage boxes that slide under the bed and coffee tables with hidden storage compartments. Those pesky remotes aren’t going anywhere!

Have plenty of multi-purpose surfaces

While in an ideal world you may have separate office areas, dining rooms and kitchen benches, one fantastic space-saving idea is to combine them all. Try an extended or moveable island bench that can be used for chopping up veggies, entertaining guests and holding your laptop depending on the time of the day.

Hang your storage

Although your floorspace may be packed, you’ll probably find that there is plenty of room on the walls or above furniture that can be used to store knick knacks. If permanent shelving isn’t an option, try hanging shelves that only need picture hooks to hold them up. Not only is this a great space saver, but in the right room it can add an element of style.

Magnetic strips are your friend

Don’t have the pantry space to store those spices? What about the cotton buds and bobby pins that are floating around the bathroom? By installing a magnetic strip on the wall, you can easily add metal containers filled with small things that otherwise take up unnecessary space.