Gail’s on Sydney

Gail’s on Sydney – Mackay

Home to nutritious food, Gail’s On Sydney is a well-known destination for anyone searching for a guilt-free fruity treat. With a host of healthy items on the menu, this little cafe serves up some of the best fresh juices and smoothies Mackay has to offer, as well as fresh fruit salads if you’re feeling a tad peckish. Whether you’re in the mood to awaken tastebuds with a zingy, carrot, kale, celery and beetroot juice or you’d rather opt for a pallet cleansing banana, mango and mixed berry smoothie, this cafe will have something to tickle your senses. Located on the popular Sydney Street, Gail’s on Sydney is must for anyone who enjoys a fruity delight every now and then.
Where: 58 Sydney Street, Mackay, QLD, 4740
Nutrition Station 
Nutrition Station – Mackay

Specialising in the best of the best, Nutrition Station are well-known for their thought out smoothie’s which ooze with flavour and goodness. Featuring a menu jam-packed with a selection of drinks, including various superfood ingredients to help you feel vibrant and energised, this awesome smoothie bar, which is located in the heart of Mackay, is the perfect place to grab a pick-me-up blend on the go. Hard session at the gym and feel you need a boost of protein to help your muscles repair? The menu at the Nutrition Station features a variety of protein-based smoothies such as the Muscle Maker and Recovery, to help you gain back the energy you left on the treadmill.
Where: 134 Victoria Street, Mackay, QLD, 4740
Paleo Cafe
Paleo Cafe – Mackay

Opening their doors on the 26th of this month, the Paleo Cafe will specialise in healthy and nutritious meals that you can enjoy without feeling guilty after. With an inviting menu including fine smoothies and zingy juices, the Paleo Cafe will also serve up the much loved Acai bowl to customers who are in need of something to recharge their batteries after a late night out. Dressed with an abundance of fresh fruit and crunchy granola, this blended super berry native from the Amazon Rainforest includes over 50 essential nutrients which can help to purify your digestive system, to make you feel alive and revived. So put the 26th in your diary and head down to Wood Street for your fruity fix.
Where: Wood Street, Mackay, QLD, 4740
Crave Frozen Yogurt Cafe
Crave Frozen Yogurt Cafe – Mackay

If nothing gets you quite like that split-second feeling of numbing brain freeze, Crave Frozen Yogurt Cafe is the place for you. With a selection of both scrumptious smoothies, frozen yogurt treats and cold-pressed juices this awesome cafe, located on Gregory Street in Mackay, is a firm favourite with fruit lovers from across the region. With an abundance of sweet delights, this quirky cafe gives you the option of both pre-set smoothies and personalised Frozen Yogurt, where individuals are able to customise their order with a range of tasty and healthy toppings. The non-fatty, non-dairy mango and lychee sorbet’s feature as just two of the great choices for both vegans and individuals who like to take care of what they eat. Fancy being extra lean? Why not add in some additional supplements to your nourishing drink such as supergreens, LSA, whey protein and chia seeds. If you’re after a fruity fix to satisfy your sweet tooth, pop down to Crave Frozen Yogurt Cafe.
Where: 18 Gregory Street, Mackay, QLD, 4740
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