If you’re gluten intolerant, strictly organic or are just very picky about what foods you do or don’t like, eating out can be a nightmare. It’s hard to find a cafe that will cater to such specific diets, or to be open to adjusting their menu so you avoid having an allergic reaction. Rather than stressing about where you are going to meet your friends for breakfast or lunch, check out these cafes and shops for the best places to eat in Mackay and avoid those diet no-nos.

#1 Gluten Free Goodies

Cool Mango Salad Bar

Grab a delicious gluten-free banana cake at Cool Mango Salad Bar in Mackay.
Grab a delicious gluten-free banana cake, Cool Mango Salad Bar – Mackay.

If you are gluten intolerant or celiac and need to stick to a strictly gluten free diet, check out the Cool Mango Salad Bar. Not only do they offer a delicious range of foods that exclude gluten anyway, but they also serve up delicious GF treats including mini carrot and walnut cakes and brownies for those who are missing their sweet treats. You no longer have to stress about avoiding cakes or something naughty with your coffee, as this cafe. This is a well loved healthy salad bar in Mackay that recently celebrated its ten-year birthday, so why not pop down and check out these treats that have been enjoyed by the locals for over a decade.
Where: 73 Victoria Street, Mackay QLD 4740

#2 Picky Eaters

Healthy Habits

Grab a fresh sandwich, Healthy Habits – Mackay.
Grab a fresh sandwich, Healthy Habits – Mackay.

If you’re a person who hates the taste of certain vegetables or is lactose intolerant, you’ll know the struggle of trying to describe your personalised meal to the waiter taking your order. Healthy Habits has created a cafe, built specifically for picky eaters, with a create your own sandwich option for lunch and a huge menu of other hot food and breakfast options for everyone else. As most stuff is made fresh to order, you no longer have to worry about avoiding bread or those pesky bean sprouts that you’re allergic to; Healthy Habits can make you a scrumptious meal to suit your needs. They also have a huge menu of fresh juices and smoothies if you want something other than a coffee with your meal.
Where: 2 Mangrove Road, Mackay QLD 4740

#3 DIY’ers

Go Vita 

Head down to GoVita in Mackay for healthy groceries and vitamins.
Healthy groceries and vitamins, Go Vita – Mackay (Stock image).

For those that love cooking and would prefer to make their own food, run down to Go-Vita. They not only have a huge range of organic products for your baking needs – cacao powder, coconut oil, almond meal – but they also stock up on vitamins and health supplements if your diet has you missing out on some essential nutrients. Their products also extend to natural skin and hair care, if you want your cleanse to extend beyond your diet.
Where: 210 Victoria Street, Mackay QLD 4740
While we’ve covered a of the tricky diets here, you can find other healthy and diet specific options in this blog post including Paleo treats and protein packed goodies.
If you have an allergy or diet requirement and know of an awesome place to eat, why not comment below and help your fellow Mackay buddies out?