Love friday nights? So does Newcastle!

April 17, 2015 - 3 min read

Looking for a night out around Newcastle? these restaurants and bars have plenty of options and entertainment for your next big night out.

For sophisticated drinks and delicious food check out this chic location.

Max’s Restaurant & Bar

Watermelon margarita, Max's Restaurant & Bar - Hamilton
Watermelon margarita, Max’s Restaurant & Bar – Hamilton

Calling all foodies; Max’s Restaurant and Bar is the ultimate place in Newcastle for delicious gourmet food and premium-tasting cocktails. If you are looking for a swanky, chic location to take a date to tonight, make sure you book a reservation at this spot. So let’s crack to it; start off with their exquisite list of finely crafted cocktails including unique concoctions such as a the watermelon margarita (we’ve included a cheeky picture of it above). This delicious drink will be sure to get your tastebuds into the swing of weekend life. If you’re a seafood lover, pair your drink with a dish of barramundi fillet, chilli prawns and Mediterranean roasted oven vegetables for the perfect mix.
Where: 37 Beaumont Street, Hamilton, NSW, 2303

After a bar that delivers consistently good cocktails? We’ve found the place.


Epic views and delicious drinks, MoneyPenny - Newcastle
Epic views and delicious drinks, MoneyPenny – Newcastle

From the moment you take your first sip, you’ll find yourself in cocktail heaven. If this Friday night you fancy a martini more than your boyfriend, be sure to visit MoneyPenny for some of the best cocktails in town. Overlooking the shorefront, order your favourite drink at the bar and watch the sun set over the ocean as you sip on something truly exquisite. Love rum? Order their Blend43 Martini; this delicious drink combines Kraken rum (the best around) with Mr Black and freshly drawn espresso. If you need something to keep you awake for the rest of the night, this little caffeine number will be sure to work its magic! Located on Honeysuckle Drive, visit this chic little bar tonight!
Where: 1 Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle, NSW, 2300

Looking for somewhere with the edge? Look no further pals, we have you covered! 

Coal and Cedar

Chic decor, Coal and Cedar - Newcastle
Chic decor, Coal and Cedar – Newcastle

You asked for quirk and you’ve got it! Coal and Cedar offer a unique experience in the heart of Newcastle. Incomparable to anything else within the area, relax in this dark and mysterious bar all evening while sipping on your favourite drink. Whether you’ve come for the beer, wine, whisky or cocktails one thing is for certain – you’re going to be impressed. In the mood for love? Order an Amaro amore which consists of vodka, Fernet Branca, raspberry, honey and espresso. If a spirit on the rocks is more you’re kind of thing, don’t be shy; pick your favourite bottle from the top shelf and get into the friday feeling. FYI – the team at Coal and Cedar are known for their friendly service and cheeky personalities so don’t be afraid to give them some banter.
Where: 380 Hunter Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300

Last but by no means least, visit this location that’s all about the experience.

Red Baron’s Lounge Bar

Happy chappys ready to serve, Red Baron's Lounge Bar - Newcastle
Happy chappys ready to serve, Red Baron’s Lounge Bar – Newcastle

Ahhh, now what shall we say about Red Baron’s Lounge Bar? It’s simply fantastic that’s what we’ll say. Well-known for their Friday atmosphere, pop on down to this Newcastle hotspot if you’re in the mood for a good time. Pulling off a classic 1920s theme, this chic location is no shy cookie to the gourmet side of life. Enjoy Eastern European tapas and professionally crafted cocktails in this intimate and classy lounge bar tonight. If you’re searching for somewhere with the wow-factor, you’re bound to find it here. Whether you decide to visit with your best friends for a night of giggles or your partner for a somewhat romantic affair, you’re guaranteed an awesome time at Red Baron’s Lounge Bar.
Where: 31 King Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300
Where do you celebrate the home-coming of friday night? Enlighten us below!