Learning and fun with toddlers in Darwin

July 8, 2015 - 2 min read

Need some great activities to help your child learn from a young age? Check out these fun tips below!

Reading to them
Reading to your child from when they’re a toddler is not only an enjoyable activity, it helps them to develop crucial literacy skills for later in life. You can choose a huge number of fun and engaging books to read that include plenty of colourful pictures (and even hands-on activities). It’s also important you read to them outside of the home. Pointing out street signs, or reading the items off a kiddies menu are all great, small activities that will help your toddler develop a stronger vocabulary, and also make it easier for them to identify letters of the alphabet.

Coloured play dough
Not only is play dough a fun and sensory activity for your child, it can also be a great tool for teaching them different colours! Buy different coloured play dough and from as early as one year old, you can start teaching your child and helping them to identify the colours of the rainbow. As toddlers get a bit older, you can start giving them more difficult tasks such as creating a particular coloured animal out of the dough.

Leaping lily pads
Using green paper or paper plates, make ‘lily pads’ and place them around the lounge room or a soft outdoor area. Get your toddler to pretend to be a frog, and leap between the lily pads without touching the floor! This helps to keep them active and teaches them basic coordination skills. If you’re finding it difficult to keep them engaged, pick out one of their favourite toys and pretend they need ‘rescuing’ from the pond!
During your child’s development it’s also crucial they learn proper socialisation skills. We’ve found some greatchild care centres in Darwin that specialise in early learning and offer a great environment for your bub to interact with their peers!

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Have a favourite activity to do with your toddler? Give us your ideas below!

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