Keeping your pets tick-free in Townsville

June 18, 2015 - 2 min read

Worried about your pets getting ticks? We have done the research to help you keep your pets tick free and healthy.

What are paralysis ticks?

Put simply, paralysis ticks are tiny blood-sucking parasites that attach themselves to a living host and deliver a deadly toxin, which can make their hosts very ill. Ticks prefer bushy terrain and long grass, so your pets are most at risk when out walking in these environments. Tick paralysis is a serious problem vets encounter and the sooner your pet is seen to, the more chance they have of making a recovery.

Warning signs

If your pet is exhibiting any of the following symptoms please head to one of the below Townsville vets.
Early signs
– Any pitch changes in your cat’s meow or your dog’s bark.
– Showing any signs of weakness in the back legs.
– If your pet is vomiting, particularly more than once in a day.
Later signs
– Increasingly unstable hind legs.
– Excessive salivation and continued vomiting.
– Excessive and unnecessary panting.
– If your dog or cat is exhibiting a moist cough or having trouble breathing.
Fatal signs
– Your pet is unable to stand at all.
– Noticeably increased trouble with breathing.
– Gums become cold and have a tinge of blue.

The residual effect

Many Townsville pet owners fall for the same misconception that once you’ve found and removed the tick, your pet is now safe. If you’ve found a tick on your cat or dog, there’s a chance it has left a residual poison under their skin, which can be slowly absorbed. This means you should still take your pet to a vet and get professional advice.

Treating and preventing fleas

While preventative products can be purchased and applied to your pet, it is impossible to completely stop a tick from attaching itself to your dog or cat. We suggest heading to your local Townsville vet and having them seen to. They will provide you with all the information, advice and tick prevention products your four-legged friend will need. We’ve supplied you with a couple of the best vets in the Townsville region for you to seek some tick help.

Have you ever found a tick on your pet? Let us know your story in the comments below!

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