Dog safety this Winter

June 12, 2015 - 1 min read

Keeping your dogs healthy and safe during the cooler months does not have to be difficult. Read these three tips to make sure your furry friend stays warm.

If you don’t want your dog to suffer from the cold this winter, follow these 3 tips. If you’ve notice your four-legged friend acting strange or you’re concerned about their health, find a local vet to help.

Tip #1 – Inside or outside?

Does your dog normally spend the entire winter outside? Depending on the size of your pet and your living space, you may want consider turning your outside dog into an inside dog for the colder months. Trust me, your dog will be very thankful and is less likely to suffer from temperature-related conditions. If this is not possible, make sure your dog’s outdoor living conditions are suitable for the colder climate – i.e. blankets and dog bed to keep them off the cold ground.

Tip #2 – Do you feed them the same in winter?

During winter, in many cases, dogs’ eating and exercise behaviours can change. In the colder months you may notice your pet sleeping a lot more to conserve energy and exercising less when outside. So feed your dog accordingly! After all, an overweight dog may have a few more layers to protect them from the cold, but it can also have dramatic affects on their overall health.

Tip #3 – Winter fashion

Does your beloved little dog only have a thin layer of fur? Not all breeds of dogs are as accustomed to the lower temperatures as others. If you’re are planning on keeping your dog outdoors this winter, you might want to consider dressing them in the latest winter doggy fashion. Your dog will not only look cuter, but it will be a lot cosier. From booties to coats, there are many different clothes available for your furry friend to try this winter. Just be sure your dog is comfortable wearing it.