Important Dates of 2022

It’s time to start getting organised for 2022 — we agree it came around too fast! To help you get organised for the new year, we’ve put together a list of important dates for your business in 2022.

2022 is nearly here, which means it’s time to start getting organised for the new year. As most of us would be aware, each state and territory in Australia observes different public holidays. This can get confusing and downright frustrating if your business is operating across more than one region. This is why we’ve put together your public holiday guide for 2022.

Australian National Public Holidays:

  • 1 January, New Year’s Day. 
  • 3 January, New Year’s Day Holiday.
  • 26 January, Australia Day.
  • 15 April, Good Friday.
  • 17 April, Easter Sunday.
  • 18 April, Easter Monday.
  • 25 April, Anzac Day.
  • 25 December, Christmas Day.
  • 26 December, Boxing Day/Proclamation Day.
  • 27 December, Christmas Day Holiday.

Australian Public Holidays 2022 by State


  • 2 May, Labour Day. 
  • 10 August, Ekka People’s Day.
  • 3 October, Queen’s Birthday. 
  • 24 December, Christmas Eve.

New South Wales: 

  • 13 June, Queen’s Birthday.
  • 3 October, Labour Day. 
  • 24 December, Christmas Eve.


  • 13 March, Labour Day.
  • TBA, AFL Grand Final Day. 
  • 1 November, Melbourne Cup.


  • 14 March, Canberra Day. 
  • 30 May, Reconciliation Day.
  • 13 June, Queen’s Birthday.
  • 3 October, Labour Day.

South Australia:

  • 14 March, Adelaide Cup. 
  • 13 June, Queen’s Birthday. 
  • 3 October, Labour Day.


  • 14 February, Royal Hobart Regatta.
  • 14 March, Eight Hours Day.
  • 13 June, Queen’s Birthday.

Western Australia: 

  • 7 March, Labour Day.
  • 6 June, Western Australia Day.
  • 26 September, Queen’s Birthday.

Northern Territory:

  • 2 May, May Day.
  • 13 June, Queen’s Birthday. 
  • 1 July, Alice Springs Show Day. 
  • 22 July, Darwin Show Day.
  • 1 August, Picnic Day.

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