How to Style Short Hair for Women

With summer coming up, it’s the perfect time to cut those luscious locks for a lighter, stylish haircut. Here are the top short haircuts for women in Australia…

Whether you’ve had short hair for most of your life or are looking to make the big change, we’ve got plenty of ideas for how to style your short hair. There are so many different types of short haircuts you can experiment with, which is another reason why having short hair is the perfect way to spice up your (hair) life. With shorter hair, you can change your hairstyle up without drastic consequences as it’ll grow back so quickly! 

In this article, we go through the most popular short hairstyles and ways to style it with ease.

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Pros & Cons of Short Hair

Pros of short hair.

  1. Your hair will be more manageable (and probably healthier).
  2. You won’t get a headache putting your hair up in a high ponytail.
  3. It will take less time to curl or straighten your hair.

Cons of short hair.

  1. Your hair will get oilier quicker.
  2. You might not be able to pull it back into a ponytail and get it out of your face.
  3. It will take a while to grow back.

10 of the Most Popular Short Haircuts in Australia

There are so many different types of short haircuts to choose from, so we thought we’d help you narrow them down.

1. Blunt short haircut.

A blunt bob is perfect for those who want a polished, yet fierce look. With a straight cut, it’s easy to manage and is perfect for those with oval, heart or square-shaped faces. Although this sleek haircut is often worn straightened, it’s great for short hair, as it can be styled straight or curly.

2. Textured bob.

The textured bob is an eccentric, young and energetic hairstyle. It’s also easier to manage than the blunt bob, as you can wake up with ready-to-go hair. 

Use textured colours, such as dark roots with blonde highlights, to nail this look. By mixing different colours throughout your hair, it gives you more texture and brings out your best features. More over, it is great for those with thin hair, as it gives off the appearance of having more hair.

This short style is recommended with a side fringe for those with a heart-shaped face and in a pixie cut for those with a round-shaped face. This textured look is good for short haircuts as it makes your hair look more full and can be easily blended from root to end without having to fade it out too much, like it would with long hair.

3. Deep side-part bob.

A deep side-part bob is a different take on the blunt bob, with many stunning options. When getting your haircut, your part is split to the far left or right side, and the ends are then cut evenly. You can use this style in conjunction with the length of your haircut, from a shoulder-length to a super-short haircut with longer fronts.

4. Shaggy bob.

Similar to the textured bob, the shaggy bob is also for those young-at-heart. This is a great way to style short hair for women who want an effortless, ready to walk-out-the-door look. Rather than mixing up the colours, this bob uses layering to give a playful and careless texture. This look also works on almost all types of hair and doesn’t need much attention.

5. Curly bob.

A curly bob is stunning on everyone and is recommended for those with long-shaped faces. Having a more voluminous hairstyle can soften your look and give off a more playful appearance, opposite to the sleek, blunt bob. Additionally, having a longer and curly side-parted bob helps to balance your look by shortening the appearance of your forehead as well as the sides of your face.

6. Bobs with fringes.

For this classic statement look, you can add a fringe (AKA bangs) to your beautiful bob. From long, straight fringes to layered, wispy bangs there are so many options. This look is also great for those with long-faces, which balances out the face shape.

7. Shoulder-length haircut.

Although shoulder-length hair isn’t always in the ‘short hair’ category, it’s the perfect way to segue into shorter hair. This haircut is also easily manageable, and comes with lots of styling opportunities. You can straighten or curl your hair for effortless looks, or even do a half-up half-down hairstyle.

If you’re looking for your first short haircut, this is a safe one to start with to figure out what looks work for you. Additionally, this cut is recommended for people with a square-shaped face, as the length takes the attention off your sharp jawline, giving you a softer look.

8. Pixie cut.

The pixie cut is one of the most popular short haircuts for women. This hairstyle is shorter around the back and sides of the head, contrasted by a longer front with a short fringe. It’s a low maintenance look, but remember to get it cut every 2 months or so to keep it short.

A pixie cut is recommended for those with round, oval and heart-shaped faces, which can often pull off a pixie haircut. Ruby Rose is an iconic star who rocks this haircut. She often has her hair faded on the sides and back of her head, which then goes into a long and fuller front with a styled and sometimes slicked back fringe to complete her pixie.

9. Fade for women.

Going from a short to slightly longer hair length, the fade is a modern and edgy look for women. With so many options, from a full fade to a fade into a pixie, you won’t be running out of options with this look. If you want a more unique fade, you can get designs in your fade, from basic lines to pictures.

10. Full shave/buzzcut.

This is an exciting haircut that lots of women recommend doing at least once in your lifetime. The full shave is a great way to start fresh and you can also donate the (long) hair that’s no longer a part of you. Amber Rose is a great icon for this short haircut, proving she can look stunning with any hairstyle.

7 Tips for Styling Short Hair

1. Straighten your hair.

If you have curly hair, straightening your hair is an exciting way to switch up your style. It gives a sharp and sleek appearance, especially when you also tame those flyaways. If you have a shoulder-length bob, this is a great way to experiment with your bob style.

2. Add a headband or bandana.

If you’ve been feeling a bit option-less, you can revive your creative side by incorporating a bandana into your hair style. Wrap it around your head from back to front and pull through a few strands of hair surrounding your face. You can also tie it in with your high ponytail for a cute up-do, depending on the length of your hair. Additionally, shorter hair tends to look oilier faster as it doesn’t have the lengths to distribute to, so bandanas are great for getting an extra day or two out of your wash.

3. Curl your hair.

Like straightening, you can also curl your hair to mix up your style. From tight curls to loose beach waves, there are so many options. Curling your hair also gives it more volume, but remember to use heat protectant!

4. Add some braids (for longer short hairstyles).

If you have a longer short hairstyle, you can braid your hair to add more textures to it and create a unique look. From a side braid that goes across your head to two inner braids that go down the middle of your hair part, there are so many different ways you can incorporate braids into your hairstyle.

5. Half up, half down (for longer short hairstyles).

If you’re looking for an easy every-day style, then this could be your new daily routine. Use your fingers to evenly part your hair from the top of your ears in a slightly upward motion. Once you have the top half of your hair sectioned off, comb through it with your other hand to smooth it out and ensure you’re not missing any strands. Then put this hair in a high ponytail or bun to finish off the look. Another was to style this is to then pull forward strands of hair to frame your face, and you’re all done!

6. Hair clips.

This is easily my favourite touch to short haircuts. There are so many different ways you can incorporate hair clips when styling your hair. 

Placement of hair clips is everything, so ensure you’re using your hair clip in a way that will highlight your best features. Place hair clips evenly, whether that be one on each side of your part for a symmetrical look, or all on one side, opposite of your side-part to even out your look.

It’s best to buy hair clips that suit your style and hair colour. There are so many variations of hair clips, from the clasp and grip itself to the shape and colour. If you want a Y2K throwback look, go for bright, pastel clips. If you want an every-day business look, go for the modern marble, square clips that also have great grip.

You can match the iconic Dua Lipa and put two hair clips in, each on one side of your part. Otherwise, you can use a statement clip (or two) on one side of your head to pin back some hair while looking elegant and stylish.

7. Buns/ up do

If you have shoulder-length hair, you can slip your hair into a low bun and use a hair donut to give it more volume, if needed. For people with shorter haircuts, your can can do the half up half down look, placing half your hair in a high bun. Although you don’t think of up dos for short hair, it can still be done!

To find out more on short haircuts, or want to try one for yourself, find your local hairdresser on!

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